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The supernatural anime series Noragami, the first season of which aired in 2014 and was followed by the release of Noragami Aragoto the following year, is an engaging and moving work that borrows heavily from the mythology and iconography of the Japanese Shinto religion.

The combination of these factors, as well as the brilliant characterization of high schooler Hiyori Iki and the well-constructed central dynamic between her and Yato, a forgotten God of Calamity, made Noragami one of Japan’s best-selling manga series in the first half of 2014.

Noragami was an instantly successful anime series in the 2010s, with both seasons being released in rapid succession to widespread critical acclaim. Despite its popularity and the fact that it has a manga that is still being updated, Noragami has not returned for a third season. For the sake of continuity with the original manga by the female mangaka duo Adachitoka, here are the reasons why Noragami needs to return for a third season.

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When Will Noragami Season 3 Be Released?

Studio BONES and “Noragami” distributors (including Funimation) have not made any official statements about a third season. Even if a third season of BONES is planned, that fact is unclear. The studio, which has produced such hits as “Godzilla: Singular Point,” is widely regarded as one of the best in the business.

When Will Noragami Season 3 Be Released

Without any sort of confirmation or trailer, fans have no idea how close we are to the release of Season 3 of “Noragami,” assuming BONES even intends to make it.

Fortunately, we know that the “Noragami” manga is far more advanced than its animated counterpart, so BONES will have plenty of material to work with if they decide to continue the series. Since there are no plans to release a second season, fans will have to make do with the manga until then.

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What Is The Story Of Noragami Season 3?

As was previously mentioned, BONES has a rich well of material from which to draw for Season 3 of “Noragami.” Only about ten of the manga’s currently available 23 volumes are featured on the show, so there’s still a lot more to learn.

What Is The Story Of Noragami Season 3

This, of course, means that the audience will get a deeper look into the underworld of gods and Yato’s murky history as the God of Calamity (via Noragami Wiki).

Hiyori and the others need to find a way to save her easily distracted spirit. Hiyori’s health has taken a backseat to the crew’s efforts to resolve conflicts with each other and with other deities from Yato’s past. It’s safe to assume, though, that “Noragami’s” ending wouldn’t come without settling at least one of the story’s central tensions.

Taking this into account opens up a lot of room for the growth and interaction of the characters, two of the anime’s greatest strengths. After “Noragami” finally gets going, if it ever does, there will be plenty of drama to keep fans interested.

Norgami Season 3 Cast: Who Will Appear?

The opinions of anime watchers are heavily influenced by voice actors. Similar to how season 2 of Noragami delivered fantastic characters, we anticipate the same from season 3. And so, here’s the third season’s vocal cast:

  • Yuki Kaji (High School DXD Season 5) as Yukimi Hiroshi Kamiya as Yota. 
  • Maya Uchida (Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2) is in the role of Hiyori Liki.
  • Kofuku (God of Poverty)
  • Bishamonten (God of War and Fortune)
  • Robaou Kureha
  • Daikoku
  • Roubou
  • Kureha
  • Kazuma 

Noragami Season 3 Trailer

We will get back to you with more information about Noragami Season 3 as soon as we can get our hands on the official trailer for the show. The second season trailer is available below:

Final Words

Yato’s real nature, his shadowy past, and his dark side will all be revealed in the show’s upcoming third season. Bishamon, whose first family Yato murdered, forgives him, and Yato hopes to gain his godlike status by having millions of worshippers.


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