Northwest Side Home Invasion 80 Year Old Man In Critical Condition After Shoot

After fighting off his assailants during a house invasion on Chicago’s Northwest Side, a man who was 80 years old suffered serious injuries, according to the police. Both of the accused are currently being held in prison by the authorities.According to the investigators, the incident took place at 10:30 in the morning on the 8500 Block of West Catherine in the O’Hare district of Chicago.

A man & woman break in the house

The father, who was 80 years old, was alleged to have been inside a house on the block when a man and a woman who were suspected of breaking in knocked on the door. As soon as he opened the door, the suspects walked inside the house without asking for permission, and shortly after that, a battle began.

A man and woman break in the house

According to the police, the elderly guy, who possessed a FOID card, fired a shot at the suspects, striking one of them in the chest with his bullet. The woman did not sustain any injuries. One woman who lives on the street but did not want to reveal her face because she feared for her safety expressed how heartbroken she is for her neighbour, who she could not identify.

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Police reached home

After receiving a call of a house invasion and shooting at approximately 10:30 a.m., police arrived at a residence in the 8500 block of West Catherine to investigate the incident. The police believe that a man who was 80 years old answered the door after a man who was 51 years old and a lady who was 31 years old knocked on it. They entered the building without authorization, which led to a physical confrontation, according to the CPD.

Police reached 80 year old home

The rare case

She explained, “I was in shock when I heard it because it’s like in the midst of the day, in the morning, and something like that happens so near to your home, it’s extremely terrible to hear.” “I was in shock because it’s like in the middle of the day, in the morning,” she said.

“This doesn’t happen here. This is a really uncommon occurrence, “remarked Boris Stojakovic, who, along with his family, administers the building that is just across the street. Stojakovic stated that “we are actively monitoring that all of our doors stay closed, and we are informing our tenants to make sure that they do not let anyone into the building that they are not expecting.”

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Suspect taken to Resurrection Hospital

Suspect taken to Resurrection Hospital

The suspects travelled to Resurrection Hospital, which is also the location of the victim’s current medical care. Both the man, who is 80 years old, and the accused intruder, who he shot, are in extremely serious condition. An elderly man is in critical condition after allegedly shooting one of the intruders during a home invasion on Chicago’s Northwest Side on Monday morning, according to the police.

The man, who was 80 years old and held a FOID card, was shot in the chest by the elderly man. The two individuals drove themselves to Resurrection Hospital, which was the most recent location where the home invasion suspect was recorded as being in critical condition.

Old man in Critical Condition

The elderly man, who was 80 years old, was assaulted and had several injuries all over his body as a result. In addition, he was taken to Resurrection Hospital where he is still in critical condition. According to the authorities, the woman involved did not sustain any injuries. Both of the individuals have been taken into jail, and formal charges are still being prepared.


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