woman stab 4 people randomly

A woman who was previously suspected of randomly stabbing a stranger in Bucktown last year and is now accused of doing the same on the Northwest Side this month. Two of the suspected victims, according to the prosecution, were having lunch at McDonald’s with their grandchildren when they were attacked.

Prosecutors accused Shaynella Williams of cutting a woman on June 18, while she was returning home from the beach. The victim reported that Williams had parked his red Kia across the street, crossed the street, and bumped into her while making a swiping motion, when she was in the 1700 block of West North Avenue.

Williams pays $2000 bonds

Williams went back to her vehicle, according to the prosecution, and sped off without saying anything. The woman, who had 13 stitches for a cut wound to her arm after a witness contacted 911 for her, was treated. Williams’ vehicle’s registration plate allowed police to locate her. Williams posted a $2,000 bond deposit to be released from custody while awaiting trial. The situation is still open.

Williams pays $2000 bonds

Woman accused again

Williams returned to court on Monday to answer five fresh felony battery charges related to a string of alleged assaults that occurred on January 8 in the afternoon. In the first instance, Williams’ red Kia pulled into the parking lot when two elderly people were eating lunch there with their four grandchildren at McDonald’s, 2317 North Cicero, according to prosecutor Sarah Dale-Schmidt.

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Williams stabbed family and other people

Williams allegedly entered the establishment, noticed the family seated near the door, stabbed one of the grandparents in the back with a knife, and then stabbed the other grandmother in the top of the head. According to Dale-Schmidt, customers photographed Williams as she escaped in her red Kia, and police later discovered that her phone had pinged nearby at the time of the assault.

A woman was allegedly stabbed in the leg by Williams about 20 minutes later as she was carrying a big plant along the street in the 5300 block of West Lawrence. The victim described Williams carrying a knife with an ivory handle and a blade that was about 3 inches long to the authorities. Three staples were used by the doctors to seal the woman’s wound.

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Stabbed a woman on back

A short while later, according to Dale-Schmidt, Williams pulled a U-turn in the 4500 block of North Milwaukee, parked next to a woman on the sidewalk, and stabbed her in the back. Williams went back to her Kia and started the car once more. Dale-Schmidt claims that surveillance cameras captured the majority of the incidents.

Williams detained by Chicago Police

Williams was detained by Chicago police on Saturday. When they took her into custody, they said that she possessed a knife with an ivory handle and a three to four-inch blade. Williams is a licenced practical nurse who works part-time in nursing services, according to her public defender.

She resides with her mother and her two 14- and 17-year-old children. She was accused by the prosecution of three charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and two counts of aggravated battery causing grave bodily harm to individuals over the age of 60.

Williams fined with $20,000

Williams had to pay $20,000 in order to be released from jail this time, according to Judge Kelly McCarthy, the same judge who set her bail the previous year. If Williams returns home, she will be subject to electronic surveillance, McCarthy said. Until the judge supervising the case from the previous year considers the new charges, McCarthy also kept Williams without bail.


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