Chicago police officer beats man in holding cell as another cop holds him down

Damien Stewart, 31, admits he has broken the law in the past, but he maintains that the beating he received from two Chicago police officers in a holding cell at the 4th District nearly four years ago was unjustified.

“In a way, they impacted me. To be honest, I can’t say why it was those things that stood out to me. Not only did I not raise my voice or act belligerently, ” Stewart said.”

According to Stewart, it all began in May of 2019 with a traffic stop at 75th and Stoney Island.

“The police allegedly pulled me over because I did not have front or back license plates. It was too late to renew the tags. The front and rear license plates will be removed if you fail the emissions test “Stewart declared.

Stewart added that the officers discovered a firearm, which is illegal in the state while searching the vehicle. At around 3 o’clock in the morning, he was picked up and taken to the 4th Police District. Stewart was awakened for a third search by the police officers who had originally stopped him, Jerold Williams and Delgado Fernandez.

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I Didn’t Want To Do It Again, But I Did It Anyway,” Stewart Said

Stewart’s attorneys were able to obtain a video from Stewart’s time in a holding cell that shows Williams striking Stewart multiple times with a closed fist. Fernandez seems to have Stewart restrained while Williams continues to punch him in the head.

I Didn't Want To Do It Again, But I Did It Anyway, Stewart Said

Stewart stated that he had been transported to the hospital but that he had suffered no major injuries.

“That kind of unprovoked violence against a man who is already in police custody and is defenseless has no place here. This behavior is totally unacceptable and horrible “local activist William Calloway put it this way.

Calloway wants Williams to be let go from the company. The Chicago Police Department stated that he received a 15-day suspension and that Fernandez received a 10-day suspension. Both officers, according to the CPD, have completed their sentences and are now back on duty.

Actually, Stewart did file a lawsuit against the police force. There was a $45,000 settlement for him.

Some of the money was used by Stewart to post bail in a 2021 case that began with a traffic stop.

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An Onlooker Captured The Incident On Video Using Her Smartphone

His family has said that Abuatelah was riding as a passenger in a friend’s car on Wednesday afternoon when it was stopped by police. They claimed they were unaware of the circumstances that led to the traffic stop or the officers’ decision to use such force against the adolescent. Reports indicated that he was the only passenger to experience this phenomenon.

An Onlooker Captured The Incident On Video Using Her Smartphone

Abuatelah is a student and barber with no criminal history, according to Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Oak Lawn police held a news conference, where they showed dashcam footage of Abuatelah fleeing from the traffic stop that led to the chase, as protests continued outside the station. In Oak Lawn, police do not use body cameras.

As reported by Oak Lawn Police Chief Daniel Vittorio, an officer stopped the vehicle Abuatelah was in at the intersection of Southwest Highway and Austin Avenue. The police reported smelling burnt cannabis.

The driver cooperated with police during the traffic stop, but Abuatelah allegedly exited the vehicle and fled on foot, as reported by Vittorio.

Vittorio remarked, “He looked nervous and he had an accessory bag slung over his shoulder.”

According to the police, the bag is crucial because it can be seen on the dashcam footage that shows officers tackling Abuatelah as they chase him to the corner of 95th Street and McVicker Avenue.

Final Words

CINCINNATI (WLS) — Damien Stewart, 31, acknowledges that he has committed criminal acts in the past, but he maintains that he did nothing to warrant the beating he received from two Chicago police officers in a holding cell at the 4th District nearly four years ago.

“That’s when I realized how significant they were. What I can’t explain is why they stuck out to me. I didn’t raise my voice or act belligerently, “To quote Stewart: Stewart claimed it all began in May of 2019 with a traffic stop on 75th and Stoney Island.


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