Theodore Roosevelt HS staff member removed after alleged physical altercation with student

A teacher at Theodore Roosevelt High School was fired after he or she was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Principal Daniel Kramer has stated that there has been no allegation of sexual misconduct.

However, Principal Kramer did issue a statement saying, “The safety of your children is always our top priority” despite the school’s lack of transparency regarding the incident.

In order to conduct an investigation, the employee has been taken out of the classroom temporarily. Whether or not this person can safely return to Roosevelt will be decided, Kramer said. Video of the alleged fight between the student and the staff member has been making the rounds online.

The school has notified the family of the affected student and said it will provide assistance to the student.

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AMES, Iowa — Ahmed Musa, who is listening intently to a student while wearing a bright yellow Crocs and toting a backpack full of papers on his clipboard, is decked out in all the school essentials. Since today is “staff dress like a student” day during spirit week at Theodore Roosevelt High School, Mr. Musa could easily be mistaken for one of the students.

Mr. Musa, now 24, used to be a Roosevelt University student. In 2017, he completed his degree.

Inside a building, he and Jackie, a high school senior, are chatting in a corridor. Her purple and white braids cascade over her baby blue N95 mask as she gesticulates wildly while explaining the issue. An incident occurred within the ranks of the K-Club, of which she serves as president.

She claims that the K-Club is dedicated to all things K-pop, from Korean pop music and culture to Korean cuisine and pop culture. Mr. Musa snickers, having misunderstood the name of the organization as the “Kulture Club.”

Later, Jackie provides a high-level summary of the situation: Several dozen of people were chatting online when racist and homophobic memes began to circulate. Anger and debate erupted on various social media platforms, eventually making their way into the classroom.

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Then, during a club meeting, someone started shouting at another person. Thankfully, no one actually got violent. Teachers who advise the club were contacted by its members, who then alerted the school’s “restorative practices” group.

Mr. Musa’s role as a restoration facilitator is to listen to students’ concerns and work with them to find acceptable resolutions. Jackie and I had a preliminary discussion (a “restorative conference”) about setting up a formal “restorative circle” that afternoon. As a form of group therapy, restorative circles aim to mend hurt feelings and mend broken bonds.

Final Words

A. CHICAGO — An employee at Theodore Roosevelt High School is being questioned in connection with a physical incident involving a student. During Monday’s lunch period, a staff member can be seen on video from WGN News putting his hand around a 14-year-old student’s neck and slamming him to the floor.

The staff member appears to slam the student down again outside after pinning him for several seconds. In a second video shot outside of the building, the student is seen crouching on the ground as an adult staff member stands over him. According to sources cited by WGN News, the teen sustained multiple cuts and bruises to the face as a result of the incident.

The student claimed on social media that the employee became angry when he reached for his backpack in the lunchroom after being asked to leave. Next, the teen claims he was slammed to the ground, and when he tried to get up, the employee choked him.


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