Lane Bryant Murders Unsolved New Theories Emerges After 15 Years

15 years ago, five women were murdered in the back room of a Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park. The killings rocked the community and baffled police and investigators.

Investigators claim they have had several near calls in the years since the horrible and tragic event, but the solution to the mystery of what took place and who committed it is still just out of reach.

15 Years of Lane Bryant killing

The Lane Bryant killings in a strip mall in Tinley Park took place 15 years ago this week. A 3D image of the murder suspect and a 911 call tape are both available to Tinley Park police. “One day, someone will be apprehended. Soon. Justice can be done, and the news conference we have after the man is apprehended, “In 2018, Maurice Hamilton made a statement regarding Rhoda McFarland’s murderer.

It has been 15 years since McFarland and four other women were shot to death at 10 a.m. inside what was then a Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park. The women were bound with duct tape. Their murderer remains at large. Sixth woman played dead and escaped the carnage.

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Physical evidence at Crime Scene

Lane Bryant Murders no physical evidence

Ross Rice, a retired FBI special agent, said: “I’m hoping there was some sort of physical evidence left behind at the crime scene.” “The issue with physical evidence is that you can find it at a crime scene, whether it’s a latent fingerprint or DNA, as you recently witnessed with the murder of four college students in Idaho. But in order to compare it to a known sample, you need one.”

We are unaware of all the evidence gathered at the crime scene since Tinley Park police are still looking into this matter. Another cold case expert suggests a potential explanation for why the connection hasn’t been found given how much time has elapsed.

Criminal is likely Gone or Deceased now

Lane Bryant Murders criminal

Marc Buslik, a retired commander of the Chicago Police Department, stated that he “still believes the criminal is likely deceased and that’s why the connection hasn’t been established.” Buslik claims that the lack of solid ties linking the Lane Bryant suspect to the crime is one reason he believes the suspect is dead, whether it be a relative, a friend, or someone else.

He is aware that might alter. But I’ve also seen other cold cases, like the Delphi murders, solved years later when something eventually breaks. Buslik claims that the suspect might have left the Chicago region right after the murder in addition to being dead.

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One day the case will be closed

Lane Bryant Murders case

“That really seems possible to me. It is extremely near a highway. To leave would be extremely simple. Other types of crimes that were made possible by transportation infrastructure have been observed, “added he. Buslik asserted, “Because it was such an odd target for a robbery, I think that’s a possibility.

The criminal may have been passing through and then gone on his way. Det. Ray Violetto has long held the opinion that this case may be resolved. One day, someone, according to Violetto, “will come forward, and with the evidence, we’ll have resolution to the case.”

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Not enough details

Although there have been close calls, that day has not yet arrived. On the day of the killings, according to Tinley Park police, the first officer arrived minutes after the murderer had fled because he was standing right across from the Lane Bryant store and had hurried inside.

Even satellite photographs were used by the authorities to search for a potential getaway vehicle. According to Michele, there just wasn’t enough detail in the satellite’s image of the licence plates to discern anything meaningful.

Tinley Park News Release

According to Tinley Park Police, they have followed up on almost 7,500 leads. The Village of Tinley Park stated in a news release that it joins the community in remembering the anniversary, but it did not make any plans to honour the victims as it has in the past.


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