Body found in NW Side freezer ID'd, may be landlord's elderly mother, residents say

An elderly woman’s body was discovered in a freezer on the Northwest Side on Monday, and her identity has been confirmed. Regina Michalski, the woman, was 96 years old, according to her granddaughter.

Sabrina Watson claimed that she was the one who contacted the Chicago police to check on her grandmother because she felt something was wrong.

A wellness check led to the discovery of a body in the freezer, as Watson put it.No one in Michalski’s immediate family or the neighbors had seen her in years.

“There are rumors that her mother passed away from the people who live below her. When I asked the proprietor where her mother was, she said she was in a Wisconsin nursing home even though they were all aware that she had passed away “, Hector Yanez, a renter, said.

Watson, who had grown distant from her grandmother, called the Kentucky police to see how she was doing. On the 5500 block of West Melrose in Chicago’s Cragin neighborhood, she shared an apartment building with Watson’s mom.

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‘I Can’t Really Explain It,’ Watson Admitted. Intuition, If You Will

“I just want someone to go over there and see if she’s alive, and if she is, if she’s OK,” she pleaded. As a result of the welfare check, police discovered her grandmother’s body in the freezer.

“I had a feeling she wasn’t with us anymore. I had no idea she would be discovered in the shape he was, or in the location, she was “Watson had to say. According to her, Michalski was a Polish refugee who made it through the war.

'I Can't Really Explain It,' Watson Admitted. Intuition, If You Will

Inhabitants of the building suspect that their landlord may have buried her mother in the freezer. Apparently, garbage has been piling up for a while, and people have a gut feeling that something is wrong.

A freezer was confiscated from a garage behind the apartment complex on Monday night. A 96-year-old woman’s body, according to a source quoted by ABC7 Chicago, was found inside. Residents claimed they were unable to access the freezer because it was located in an inconvenient location.

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According to Yanez, who lives on the second floor with his family, the police arrested their landlord, who resides on the first floor, after the body was discovered.

“She didn’t want to open, so they broke the doors to get in, and there’s a lot of stuff in the apartment that they couldn’t even walk inside,” Yanez said.

Yanez Claimed That His Landlord Of Many Years, An Elderly Woman, Had Been A Resident Of The Ground-Floor Apartment

“When I came downstairs, they told me that they were looking for the owner because they got a call from out of state saying that there was (an) old lady who probably died, and she never buried her,” Yanez said.

Neighbors claimed they hadn’t seen the elderly lady in years, and the owner of the building kept changing her story about where her mother was. He also claimed the garage was inaccessible.

Yanez said, “Nobody, nobody, she used to rent the garage to one of the people in the basement, but after a while, she didn’t rent them the garage no more.”

The transition, he estimated at three years, had already taken place. The Chicago Police Department has classified the incident as a death investigation.

Investigators were spotted removing what appeared to be a freezer from the house while ABC7 Chicago cameras were rolling. Officials have been mum on whether or not foul play was involved.

The identity of the dead woman was not immediately known as of Tuesday morning.No one has been arrested or charged with anything related to the incident as of yet.

Last Words

The investigation into Regina Michalski’s health “began with a wellness check and ended with someone being found in the freezer,” as recounted by her granddaughter.


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