Suspect Of Stolen Vehicle Crashed Into Two Patrol Units After Two State Pursuit

On Monday, a man who is 23 years old is suspected of leading police officers from Lake County, Illinois, on a pursuit through two states while driving a stolen vehicle and slamming into two police patrol units. The incident allegedly took place in Lake County, Illinois.

A law enforcement officer from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department was patrolling Broadway in Gary shortly before one in the afternoon when he saw a light blue Honda crossover SUV travelling at an exceptionally high rate of speed.

Police caught stolen vehicle

The police officer found out that the vehicle had a history of being reported stolen after conducting a check on the Illinois licence plate that was attached to it. The officer allegedly followed the sport utility vehicle as it pulled into a gas station and parked at the junction of 15th and Broadway, as stated by the sheriff’s department.

Two patrol cars from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department were positioned in front of and behind the SUV as a preventative measure against the risk of a pursuit being initiated by the SUV’s occupants. According to the statements made by the sheriff’s department, the driver of the SUV reportedly placed the vehicle into reverse before it crashed with one of the patrol cars after the incident.

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Car crash with patrol car, Driver fled

Car crash with patrol car, Driver fled

After then, the driver pushed the SUV into drive, collided with the side of the other patrol car, and then fled in the direction of Broadway. The individual drove westbound on Interstate 80 and exited at the Grant Street exit.

After then, he ran away from the site. After some time had passed, he drove back onto westbound Interstate 80, at which point, according to the sheriff’s department, officers from the Gary Police Department joined the pursuit.

Suspect drives at high speed

Suspect drives at high rate

The suspect continued to drive at a high rate of speed while also continuing to weave in and out of the various lanes of traffic that were there. The suspect did a lot of shoulder driving before taking the Cline Avenue exit onto the westbound Indiana Toll Road. After that, he took the exit onto the westbound Indiana Toll Road.

According to the sheriff’s department in Lake County, the driver then smashed through a tollgate, sending debris flying into one of the Lake County patrol vehicles that was pursuing the suspect. The Lake County patrol vehicle was attempting to catch the driver who had committed the crime.

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Red Light blow out, Car collide due to chase

After entering Illinois, the driver blew a red light at 87th Street and smashed into the side mirror of a civilian van while speeding through the intersection. Following the incident in which four adult males escaped from a sport utility vehicle (SUV) that was in motion while it was being driven, the SUV collided with a parked vehicle that belonged to a civilian.

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Suspect caught in pursuit

Suspect caught in pursuit

A law enforcement officer from Lake County gave chase on foot to one of the suspects, who was eventually caught following the pursuit. It was established that he lived in Chicago and that he was 23 years old at the time.

After they were taken into custody, a second person of interest was recognised and sent to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention. It was found out that he was 23 years old and that he was from the city of Griffith, which is located in the state of Indiana.

Prosecuted soon for the crime

A syringe and something that may have been a controlled substance were found in the pocket of his jeans, as reported by the sheriff’s department. There are still two further suspects who have evaded capture thus far.

The individual who is being held on suspicion of driving is currently being detained in Illinois for the purpose of extraditing them to Indiana, where they will be prosecuted for their crimes.


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