Willie Wilson Chicago Mayoral Candidate Calls For Electric, Gas Utilities To Cease Shutoffs

A mayoral contender named Willie Wilson suggested on Monday that the city create a “hardship programme” to help low-income households pay their electricity bills. He also requested that the current mayor, Lori Lightfoot, renounce a tentative plan to renew the franchise arrangement with ComEd. Additionally, Willie Wilson said that the city should create a “hardship programme” to help low-income households with their electricity expenses.

Rise in Gas & Electric Shutoffs

Willie Wilson Rise in Gas and Electric Shutoffs

Wilson noted that the city’s assistance plan might be funded by the money it receives from new businesses in response to a story that was published in the Sun-Times detailing an increase in shutoffs for nonpayment by electric and gas providers. This was remarked in reaction to the rise in the frequency of gas and electric shutoffs by service providers due to unpaid bills.

New Enterprise revenue will be used to finance the initiative

He did not provide any information, but he did make the implication that whenever people returned to their prior secure financial condition, they would be able to repay the loan. He made no further explanations. He suggested that “2, 3, 5%” of the revenue generated by new enterprises in Chicago may be used to finance the initiative.

After doing a reasonable amount of work, he claimed, people need to relax. Wilson voiced his disapproval of a number of clauses in the proposed franchise agreement, calling them potentially “a slush fund” for the mayor. He also expressed his disgust with the entire intended arrangement.

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More than $500 Million required

The City Council members have received a summary of the conditions. This plan contains a $520 million budget request to support hundreds of energy and fair community benefit programmes. Why don’t you just take any action that will make money for the public, he demanded. What is keeping you from acting at this very moment?

Sharp rise in Shutoffs

Sharp rise in Shutoffs

Three organisations that criticise utilities and their reliance on fossil fuels found that ComEd increased the number of shutoffs for nonpayment by 27% for the first 10 months of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, bringing the total to 225,827, according to a report published by the Sun-Times.

ComEd raised the number of shutoffs for nonpayment by 27% for the first 10 months of 2022 compared to the same time in 2021, leading to the discovery of this fact. In addition, they pointed the finger at Nicor Gas and Peoples Gas for the sharp rise in shutoffs.

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Business should stop disconnecting their Client

Wilson urged the utilities to start restoring service to customers whose service had just been cancelled rather than continuing to disable customers for the winter. Additionally, he insisted that the businesses stop disconnecting their clients throughout the summer. The ability of utilities to suspend service during periods of extremely cold or extremely hot weather is already constrained by state legislation.

Wilson’s objections to the planned ComEd franchise renewal were in line with those of other council members who had criticised the proposal and its timing. A number of the city’s aldermen have expressed the belief that a decision of this importance should be postponed until the start of the following mayoral term.

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Unpaid utility bills on the top Priority

Customers in the Chicago metro area who have unpaid utility bills are given top priority when it comes to having their gas and electricity shut off by the corporations who provide those services. Both ComEd and Nicor gas were examined in the most current study’s conclusions.

During the previous year, ComEd turned off service to more than 200,000 of its customers, whereas Nicor did the same for 24,000 of their clients. Both of these are regarded as rises when compared to the totals from the prior year.


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