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Only by meeting brand new couples who may or may not last until Decision Day can the end of a season of Married, at First Sight, be considered a success.

Now, the cast of “Married at First Sight” Season 16 is here to spill the beans on what to expect from the upcoming 2023 season.

Even though the show’s success rate for couples is lower than the number of divorces resulting from the show, we’re still holding out hope that some of this Season 16 couples will end up staying together.

Can we finally find out who will be competing in Season 16 of MAFS? The five Nashville couples who have been brought together by the show’s experts are here to participate in the experiment. We have no idea who survives, but if we had to guess, we’d say that we’re ready for another dramatic season regardless of who does.

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Christopher And Nicole

Christopher And Nicole

Nicole, now 32 years old, has been on the lookout for love for a long time and thought her parents, who are in a loving marriage, would help her find her soul mate. Since they haven’t, she has no qualms about leaving her future husband’s selection up to the Married at First Sight matchmakers.

As soon as Christopher, age 36, settled in Nashville, he began searching for love. Christopher joined MAFS because he had no luck finding a woman who was as serious about marriage as he was.

Jasmine And Airris

Jasmine And Airris

Jasmine, age 31, has had a string of bad luck in committed relationships. She has reached the point in her life where

she is ready to settle down and start a family, and that is where MAFS comes in. It’s hoped that Airris will be the suitable suitor she’s been seeking.

And Airris, 39, is eager to begin a family as well. Now that Airris’s career is flourishing and her life is generally running smoothly, all she needs is the right person to share it with.

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Domynique And Mackinley

Domynique And Mackinley

At 25, Domynique is one of the youngest available singles on MAFS, and she lacks the relationship experience of some of her more seasoned co-stars. The problem is that she’s sick of online dating and ready to settle down.

Mackinley, age 33, has been hurt before but believes MAFS can help him find a partner who won’t hurt him the way his last relationship did.

Lucky for him, he thinks he can get by with a little help from the show’s specialists and that he could be a good match for Domynique .

Gina And Clint

Gina And Clint

Gina, now 36 years old, has spent the last several years recovering from a painful breakup by isolating herself from the dating scene. She was hesitant to fall in love again, but now she’s prepared for marriage and all that it entails. Would she meet her soul mate on MAFS?

Clint is eager to settle down now that he’s 40 years old. So he decides to give MAFS a try in the hopes that it will provide him with a more fruitful route to marriage than online dating or blind dates.

The show’s experts and matchmakers have his full trust, and he knows he must follow their guidance if he is to find a wife.

Kristen And Shaquille

Kirsten, 32, worries that her attractiveness and professional success make men she dates nervous. However, she is still looking for a godly man who will be her partner in all things, especially parenthood, as they begin their lives together as a married couple.

Shaquille, a 31-year-old with ambitions in both his career and his marital life, is eager to settle down. He’s gone to counseling specifically to get ready for the commitment of marriage. Now that he’s with the MAFS professionals, he and Kristen really do sound like they’d be great together.

Season 16 Of Married At First Sight Is Set To Premiere On

The return of Married at First Sight for a sixteenth season has been confirmed, but there has been no word on when viewers can expect to be able to catch up on the show.

Consensus suggests that the premiere of Season 16 of Married, at First Sight, could happen as early as January 2023.

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A source revealed in 2020 to Women’s Health that the participants receive a stipend, which is “essentially a per diem” due to the long hours they put in (50-60 per week). According to a second source, a so-called production assistant, couples earn $1,500 per episode.


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