96-Year-Old Mother Found Dead In Freezer Daughter Charged

A woman from Chicago is charged with storing her mother’s corpse in a freezer for almost two years while residing in an adjacent apartment. A woman from Chicago is charged with hiding her mother’s corpse in a freezer for almost two years while residing in a neighbouring apartment. Check complete news below.

Granddaughter told police to look out

Bratcher has a history of forgery charges, and authorities are looking into whether she is receiving her late mother’s Social Security benefits. After losing communication with her grandma, Bratcher’s daughter, who resides in Kentucky, requested that police search the house.

“What could possibly fail? Evidently everything,” stated Sabrina Watson. When the police checked on her grandmother’s well-being, they discovered her body in a freezer. “I had a sneaking suspicion she wasn’t still alive and with us. “I had no reason to believe she would be discovered in the circumstances in which she was,” Watson added.

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Police found woman in Freezer

Authorities took a freezer from a garage behind the multi-unit apartment building on Monday night. A 96-year-old woman’s body was there, a source told. One location where occupants claimed they had no access was the freezer.

The occupants of the building suspect their landlord of having put her elderly mother’s body in the freezer. They claimed that trash had been accumulating for some time and that they had a bad feeling.

Police detained the woman

police detained woman for finding dead mother in freezer

Yanez, who resides on the top level with his family, claimed that when the body was discovered, the police detained his landlord, who resides on the first floor. They shattered the doors to get inside because “didn’t want to open, and there was so much junk inside the flat that they could not even walk inside,” Yanez said.

Yanez claimed that his landlord and her elderly mother had been residing in the first-floor apartment for many years. Yanez recalled, “When I came downstairs, they informed me that they were looking for the owner because they got a call from out-of-state indicating that there was (an) old lady who probably passed away, and she never buried her.

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Daughter to be appeared in Court

96-Year-Old Mother Found Dead In Freezer Daughter to appear in court

On Thursday, Eva Bratcher, 69, appeared in court on allegations of hiding her mother’s death at the age of 96 and using a fake ID. According to authorities, Regina Michalski’s body was found this week in a freezer in a garage close to the apartment they had shared. Authorities think she passed away in March 2021. Until the body is defrosted, the cause cannot be established.

The accusations are “extremely distressing,” according to Judge David Kelly, who set Bratcher’s bond at $20,000. Kelly rejected the defence attorney’s plea for a reduced bond to free Bratcher from custody.

Woman was dead for around 2-3 years now

The old woman’s long-time neighbours claimed they hadn’t seen her in years, and the building owner was giving the locals conflicting accounts of her mother’s whereabouts. No one had access to the garage, he added.

Nobody, nobody, she used to rent the garage to one of the downstairs residents, but after a while, she stopped doing so, Yanez claimed. He asserted that the alteration took place roughly three years ago. The incident is being treated by CPD as a death investigation.

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Cause of Death still unknown

Neighbors who talked to the Chicago Sun-Times claimed that Bratcher had recently given contradictory accounts of her mother. She is accused of saying things like her mother was dead, was in a nursing facility in another state, or was still alive and well at home. Since an autopsy was still pending, the cause of death was unknown.

According to the newspaper, Bratcher admitted to forgery crimes in two cases in 2006 after being charged with them on felony counts almost a dozen times between 1997 and 2005. She was also found guilty of misdemeanour battery, for which she received a probationary term, and she had previously been accused of battery, assault, and retail theft.


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