96-Year-Old Mother Found Dead In Freezer Daughter Charged

Eva Bratcher, 69 years old, made an appearance in court on Thursday in Chicago, where she is charged with holding a counterfeit identification card and concealing a body. The fact that Regina Michalski’s granddaughter, who resides in Kentucky, was unable to get in touch with her at the age of 96 caused immediate worries about the 96-year-old woman’s well-being. Check detailed story below.

Body recovered from Freezer after 2 years

After a calendar revealed the precise time and date of her passing, a lady was brought before the court on the accusation that she had hidden the remains of her mother in a freezer in the garage for nearly two years.

On January 30, her body was recovered inside a freezer that was housed in a garage at a nearby apartment that the two individuals had previously occupied. Even a calendar that was discovered within Ms. Bratcher’s house had the time and date of Michalski’s passing written on it.

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Granddaughter requested police

Authorities are investigating into whether Bratcher is getting her late mother’s Social Security payments because she has a history of forgery accusations. The daughter of Bratcher, who lives in Kentucky, requested that authorities examine the home after she lost contact with her grandmother.

“What could go wrong? Obviously everything,” Sabrina Watson said. The body of her grandmother was found in a freezer when the cops went to check on her welfare. “I had no reason to suppose she would be discovered in the circumstances in which she was,” Watson continued. “I had a sneaky sensation she wasn’t still alive and among us.

Body goes for Autopsy

The prosecution believes that she passed away on March 4, 2021, and they suspect that Bratcher was with her at the time of her death. According to the police, the cause of the grandmother’s passing won’t be discovered until the autopsy is performed after the body has been completely thawed out.

According to the documentation submitted to the court, Ms. Bratcher provided an explanation for her mother’s absence by claiming that Michalski had been relocated to a neighbouring nursing facility, which she relayed to a resident of the building as well as a neighbour.

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Police has arrested the Daughter

police detained woman for finding dead mother in freezer

Yanez, who lives with his family on the top floor, stated that the police detained his landlord, who lives on the first floor, after the body was found. Because the doors “didn’t want to open, and there was so much rubbish inside the unit that they could not even step inside,” Yanez claimed that they destroyed the doors to gain inside.

Yanez stated that for many years, his landlord and her mother had lived in the first-floor flat. “When I arrived downstairs, they told me that they were looking for the owner because they had a call from out-of-state indicating that there was (an) old lady who probably passed away, and she never buried her,” Yanez remembered.

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Ms. Bratcher also has forgery convictions

96-Year-Old Mother Found Dead In Freezer Daughter to appear in court

Ms. Bratcher is also being investigated by the police after it was brought to their attention that she may have been receiving her deceased mother’s Social Security benefits in her own name. During the execution of a warrant for Ms. Bratcher’s residence, who has previous convictions for forgery.

The police are alleged to have recovered an identification card with Bratcher’s photo but Michalski’s name on it. Bratcher has previous convictions for forgery. A document that was signed with Michalski’s name was also taken by the police; however, the date on the document was after Michalski is thought to have passed away.

Woman to appear in court

The bond for Ms. Bratbail was set at $20,000 (£16,300), and the judge who presided over the court called it a “very troubling” scenario. On February 21st, Bratcher is scheduled to appear in court again.


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