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Google has announced a few changes to the YouTube Studio mobile app that have been implemented recently. In case you are unaware, YouTube Studio is the hub from which video producers run their channels and interact with viewers and other creators.

Historically, there have been more options available on the desktop version (accessible at than on the Android and iOS mobile apps. That’s why Google’s updating its mobile app with the following features, which it hopes will help close the gap:

You can think of YouTube Creator Studio, or simply YouTube Studio, as your channel’s command center. This is where you’ll be able to do things like add new videos, manage existing ones, respond to comments, track how well each video does, and even make money off of your channel.

You can manage your channel more efficiently with the help of the studio’s many features and suggestions. Mastering YouTube Creator Studio is a must if you want to see your channel subscriber count rise. To get going, just do what’s written down here.

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Discover What People Think Of Your Channel And How Well It Is Doing

Studio’s mobile dashboard’s aesthetic has been updated to provide a quicker and more intuitive overview of your channel’s performance. The new and improved version is more user-friendly, and you can expand the various sections to find the specific data you’re looking for.

Discover What People Think Of Your Channel And How Well It Is Doing

Prior to this update, only a select few creators had access to Analytics research on the Studio mobile app. It will soon be accessible to all artists everywhere in the coming months. Additionally, there will be some perks for mobile analytics research that aren’t present in the desktop version.

Your audience’s most-searched terms, content gaps, and the frequency with which they view videos on those topics will all be laid out before you. The data will initially only reflect the behavior of American viewers.

You can now assess the performance of the various forms of content you produce by clicking on the “Analytics” tab. The success of your shorter videos can be compared to that of your longer ones, giving you valuable insight for future production decisions.

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Studio App Monetization

To join the YouTube Partner Program, download the app now (YPP). In the “Monetize” section, you can also see how close you are to meeting the requirements for the Young Professionals Program.

When you’ve determined that you meet the program’s criteria, you can submit your application without leaving the program. As for the future, Google promises that next year will bring new Fan Funding features, including the ability to manage your channel memberships.

Mobile devices can now perform Upload Checks as well. There are copyright and monetization checks that can be run on your video, and if you’re a part of YPP, you can choose to be notified if any issues are uncovered. You can then address any issues you find before uploading the video to the web.

How To Use YouTube Creator Studio

Are you prepared to get your hands dirty? Let’s go through the YouTube Creator Studio’s features, one by one, and see how each one can aid in the expansion of your channel.


The “Dashboard” section of YouTube Studio is where you can access all of your uploaded videos. The most up-to-date video performance metrics, recent comments, channel violations, and YouTube news are all conveniently displayed as widgets on the straightforward interface, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your channel’s health.


The content tab, formerly known as the video manager, is where you should go to manage your videos. The Video Manager is where you can monitor your entire library of videos (both public and private), activate options like monetization, and fine-tune the fundamentals of your video content for maximum impact and success. Phew!

Last Words

To edit your content, go to the “Content” tab on the left side of your control panel. All of your uploaded videos and live broadcasts will be displayed here, along with an overview of their popularity in terms of views, comments, and likes.

You can gather videos your viewers will find interesting and organize them into playlists by clicking the “Playlists” tab, which is located directly under the “Content” tab in the YouTube Creator Studio.

When a user finishes watching one video in a playlist, the next video in the playlist begins playing automatically. You can greatly increase your channel’s viewing time in this manner.


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