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As part of an interview with Vulture published in November 2015, the ex-Nickelodeon star finally opened up about her romantic experiences. In reference to her breakup with ex-boyfriend Jesse Carere, Jennette said,

“I feel like I’m learning to love in all the right ways and to accept love for who I am rather than an impressive version of myself.” “I think I learned to be whoever people needed me to be at a very young age.”

After starring opposite one another as romantic interests in Netflix’s 2015–2016 series Between, the blonde beauty began dating her co-star. She also told Vulture, “This is maybe staking a big claim in my future self, but I would say that I certainly love him right, you know.”

Fans had already fallen in love with the blonde beauty from 2007 to 2012 when she played the iconic role of Sam Puckett on the hit Disney Channel series iCarly. From 2013 to 2014, she appeared as the recognizable character Sam on the spinoff series Sam & Cat.

The actress became good friends with Demi Lovato’s ex-boyfriend, Max Ehrich, during her time on the kids’ network. Ehrich appeared as a special guest on an episode of iCarly in 2010.

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Although their fans were quick to assume they were dating, the two never actually spent any romantic time together. The actor stated that Jennette “was always just a friend” in a now-deleted tweet from 2016.

Jennette McCurdy’s Dating History

Graham Patrick Martin

Graham Patrick Martin is number one on Jennette McCurdy’s list of ex-boyfriends. Graham, in case you were wondering, can play a wide variety of roles. His works include the comedies The Bill Engvall Show and Major Crimes as well as the novels Catch-22 and Somewhere Slow.

Graham Patrick Martin

It was never proven that Jeannette McCurdy and Graham Patrick Martin were romantically involved. They supposedly range in years from 2004 to 2008, though.

More than that, he appeared in an episode of iCarly soon after they broke up. If they did have a romantic relationship, we don’t know if it lasted or what went wrong to cause their breakup.

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Max Ehrich

Another great actor who may or may not has dated Jennette McCurdy is Max Ehrich. Max has written many popular works, such as Pregnancy Pact, The Last Breakfast Club, The Young and the Restless, Embeds, The Path, etc.

Max Ehrich

To return to their friendship, Jennette and Max have always had a strong one. But in 2010, because of their close bond, their fans suspected something romantic was going on between them.

They assumed the pair were having an illicit romance behind their backs. Soon after, however, the actor posted to Twitter to clarify that he and Jennette had never had a romantic relationship.

Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond, however, is not a famous actor but a world-famous NBA player. He’s making a name for himself right now as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Andre Drummond

He has a long list of previous employers, including the Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, etc. And let’s not forget that he’s been selected for All-Star Game appearances twice in the NBA.

Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond’s first date was in August 2013. To be clear, this was more of a casual hookup than anything else. It was pretty obvious to both of them right off the bat. Their split, for whatever reason, wasn’t long.

Jesse Carere

Jesse Carere appears in Jeannette McCurdy’s past relationships. Playing Neil in Teen Lust brought him a lot of attention and success. Finding Carter, Between, Skins, etc., are just a few of his other fantastic books.

Jesse Carere

There were rumors that Jennette McCurdy and Jesse Carere were dating in 2015. They were seen together at numerous public functions.

The actress gave fans the impression that they were no longer together by removing all of their silly PDA photos from her Instagram account the following year.

Does Jennette Mccurdy Have A Boyfriend?

It’s not surprising that Jennette McCurdy hasn’t had much romantic success in light of her recent shocking allegations that she was abused by her mother, both physically and mentally.

Does Jennette Mccurdy Have A Boyfriend

When someone goes through something as traumatic as what Jennette did, as she describes in her upcoming memoir and in her one-woman show “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” they often develop a number of traumas that prevent them from trusting,

loving, and even feeling comfortable in their own bodies. Jennette claims that she was so thoroughly brainwashed by her mother that she lost all sense of who she was for a long time while she was living at home.

Thankfully, modern-day Jennette claims to have matured into who she truly is. This has helped her develop a healthy self-love and paves the way for her to attract more desirable romantic partners in the future.

Last Words

Given the nature of their relationship, it’s not surprising that Paul and Jennette broke up before her mother passed away. Jennette’s mother passed away, and not long after, she began dating Renee Drummond, a handsome NBA star. We can’t be sure who slid into whose DMs first, but we do know the two of them met on a social media platform.

Despite the fact that Jennette and Renee posted some PDA-filled photos of themselves on social media during their romance, things soon ended… and with quite a bit of drama.


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