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The Good Morning, Los Angeles host’s 17-year relationship ended when doctors failed to properly diagnose his partner with stage IV cancer. The absence of the Fox host from several episodes of his show recently caused concern among his audience. After hearing his reasoning, his fans could finally relax.

The failure of doctors and nurses to promptly diagnose Tony McEwing’s 17-year-old partner’s stage IV cancer led to his death in July 2016. McEwing is a representative for Fox 11 and hosts Good Day L.A.

During the month of February in the year 2020, the Fox host disappeared for multiple episodes, leaving his viewers worried. A month later, however, the newsreader provided an explanation that calmed the fears of his loyal audience.

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One Of McEwing’s Gay Partners Recently Lost His Partner To Cancer

McEwing’s longtime companion Skiff died at home with the Fox host by his side after a courageous battle with throat cancer. The April 2015 bride of the Fox TV rep.

One Of McEwing's Gay Partners Recently Lost His Partner To Cancer

was tragically killed just one year after the couple tied the knot. However, they had already been together since the late 1990s. In an article he published on Queerty, the late artist alluded to the length of their relationship before he tragically passed away in July 2016 from HPV-related oral cancer.

As he lay in the hospital, he wrote the piece so that others wouldn’t have to go through what he had, and so that they wouldn’t have to rely on a late diagnosis to get the treatment they needed to live. Not only that, but he also detailed how heartbreaking it was to witness his companion’s sobbing as he fought for his own survival.

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Oral Cancer In Skiff Was Missed By Doctors

Skiff had his life-threatening stage IV cancer misdiagnosed by not one, but four medical professionals. According to the aforementioned Querty article, medical professionals lacked the knowledge and resources to detect

Oral Cancer In Skiff Was Missed By Doctors

HPV-related oral cancer due to a lack of FDA-approved screening tools and scant data. Furthermore, Skiff’s status as an HIV-positive patient made matters even more complicated.

When it first started happening, back in the dead of winter of 2013–2014, he had trouble swallowing and had a sore throat for nearly three weeks. While it started out relatively mild, the pain quickly ramped up in intensity.

He claimed to have throat cancer, but his HIV specialist dismissed his concerns during a routine checkup. Later, he had an oral examination performed by his dentist, who diagnosed him with TMJ because she found no evidence of cancer.

Two more ENT specialists later, they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him and just prescribed antibiotics. As his condition deteriorated, Skiff went in for a CT scan and biopsy in October 2013. The results revealed that cancer had spread to the lymph nodes on the right side of his neck, putting him in advanced stage IV.

McEwing Explicitly Addressed His Disappearance

The Fox 11 News Anchor explained on Facebook in February 2020 that he had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, which was the reason he had missed a few episodes of the Morning Newscast.

He clarified that he wouldn’t be returning to work until he felt better and that his case was mild.

Facial drooping and a lopsided grin are temporary side effects of the illness that occur due to a sudden weakness in the facial muscles.

Although the precise reason is unknown, it is generally accepted that swelling or inflammation of a facial nerve responsible for its movement is to blame.

Last Words

Four separate medical professionals missed Skiff’s potentially terminal stage IV cancer. According to the aforementioned Querty article, medical professionals lacked the resources to detect

HPV-related oral cancer is due to a lack of FDA-approved screening tools, insufficient research, and widespread ignorance. Skiff’s status as an HIV-positive patient only made things more complicated.


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