Chicago Mayor Moved To Cabrini-Green Homes In 1981

Mayor Jane Byrne and her husband, Jay McMullen, relocated from their apartment in a Gold Coast high-rise to the Cabrini-Green Homes, a housing development on Chicago’s Near North Side, on March 31, 1981. While some praised its “bravery,” others denounced it as a publicity gimmick. View additional information in the post.

Mayor Jane M. Byrne

Jane M. Byrne was the first woman in the United States to be elected Mayor of a large city when she won the election for Chicago in 1979 and served in that capacity from 1979 until 1983. She was born on May 24, 1933, and she served as the city’s mayor from 1979 until 1983.

mayor jane byrne

About Cabrini Green Homes

On Chicago, Illinois’s Near North Side, there was a public housing development called Cabrini-Green Homes run by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). The William Green Homes were to the northwest of the Frances Cabrini Rowhouses and Extensions, which were located south of Division Street and surrounded by Larrabee Street to the west, Orleans Street to the east, and Chicago Avenue to the south.

Cabrini Green Homes

There were 15,000 residents living in mid- and high-rise apartment complexes at the height of Cabrini-population. Green’s Numerous inhabitants had harsh living conditions due to crime and neglect, and “Cabrini-Green” came to represent issues with public housing in the US. CHA started demolishing outdated mid- and high-rise structures in 1995, with the final one going up in 2011. Only the original two-story rowhouses are still standing today.

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Why Mayor Byrne moved to Cabrini Green Home

The politician was well-known for a number of things, one of which was her decision to live in a low-income housing complex, which was perhaps the most talked about for a number of different reasons. Following the occurrence of 37 shootings and 17 homicides in the first three months of 1981, Byrne made the decision to relocate to the Cabrini-Green Homes housing project, which is located on the near North side.

Jane Margaret Byrne thought that the best way to raise consciousness to the violence that is prevalent in low-income neighbourhoods of Chicago was to live through it herself. She had the goal of putting the region “on a broader map,” and she believed that moving there would be the most effective way to do this.

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Steps before moving to Cabrini Green Homes

mayor jane moved to cabrini green homes

Before moving into a fourth-floor apartment on March 31, 1981, Byrne was responsible for the closure of several liquor stores in the neighbourhood that were known to be “hangout spots” for members of local gangs. He also directed the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to evict some tenants who were “suspected members” of local gangs.

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But she doesn’t spend all the time in the flat

According to a piece that was published in the Chicago Tribune, Byrne did not spend all of her time living in the flat. She considered it a “in-town” apartment when she was looking at it. “I will consider it a place that I go to on some evenings and not on others,” she stated. “I will not go there on other nights.”

She and her husband were in for a wild trip when the police allegedly raided the apartment building in response to a “shootout” that was scheduled to take place later that day. Byrne, on the other hand, stated that the first day she spent in her new home was “beautiful and extremely quiet.”

This was just for Publicity?

They stayed there for a total of three weeks, leaving on April 18th, 1981, after protestors alleged that the move was nothing more than a publicity ploy that accomplished nothing to “raise light to the housing project’s crime and infrastructure concerns.”

Final Words

Yes, in 1981 a mayor took a very bold step to move into a place like that. Some people thinks it was a great step, some thinks it was just a publicity stunt whatever this was, we have gave you all the details regarding this in the post. Hope you liked it.


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