Chicago SWAT responds after group tries to help armed man escape from police arresting him

After a group of individuals attempted to free another man who was being brought into custody and then fired rounds at arriving officers, the Chicago Police Department dispatched a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team to a residence in the West Garfield Park neighbourhood of the city.

The neighbourhood is located in the city of Chicago. The City of Chicago Police Department dispatched the SWAT squad in response to the incident. Reading the post will provide you with more information and understanding of the circumstance.

Group help man with arms to escape

Group help man with arms to escape

Monday night, Chicago police officers who were arresting an armed man on the West Side were ambushed by a group of criminals, which resulted in a scenario that is currently being handled by the SWAT team. The incident took place on Monday night. On the West Side is where the incident took place.

At about 7:56 o’clock in the evening, law enforcement officials were in the process of taking into custody a suspect who was armed with a firearm in the 4400 block of W. West End Avenue. During this time, an unknown number of other criminals contacted the cops in an effort to aid the suspect in eluding capture and fleeing from the officers’ custody.

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Firing after the initial contact

Group help man with arms to fired at police

These criminals approached the officers in an attempt to help the suspect. According to the officials, the person in question possessed firearms at the time of the incident. The police attempted to subdue one of the suspects by shocking them while they were on the phone with other policemen asking for assistance.

However, the tasing had no effect on the offender at all. After that, a second unidentified suspect is said to have run into a nearby property and started firing bullets from within the structure, as reported by the police. This is what happened after the initial incident.

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SWAT team arrived at spot

chicago swat team

After that, a SWAT squad arrived at the spot, and as of ten o’clock that evening, the situation was still growing further. According to the police, they were in the process of taking into custody an armed guy when a number of people offered to help in releasing the man from police custody According to the police, they were in the process of placing the suspect under arrest at the time of the incident.

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SWAT team still there

The officers attempted to bring one of the individuals to the ground by using a Taser, and at the same time, they placed a call for further assistance to be brought to the spot. He was successful in his attempt to run, and after quickly darting into a nearby house for cover, he continued to fire additional bullets from within the house even after he had established himself as a safe haven there.

chicago swat team help police

In response to the predicament with the barrier, a SWAT team was dispatched, and as of Monday night, they were still present at the scene. This was done as a preventive measure. At this juncture, it was impossible to acquire any further information; there simply was not enough time.

Final Words

So a news reported that a group of criminals tried to help a man with arm to get escape from police, which lead to shooting and SWAT team to come into the matter. This is all information that we have, will give you latest updates as we get.


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