Man Being Beaten On Downtown Chicago Street Shows Police Video

Contrary to the alluring narrative that circulated with a video of the assault that went viral on the internet, surveillance footage obtained by the Chicago Police Department reveals that a man who was attacked on a downtown street corner one month ago was not a car thief or carjacker. The footage was obtained from a camera that was installed on a nearby building.

Man got attacked by Suspects

You were originally informed about the questionable tale by CWB Chicago a month ago; they were the first station to do so. Now, footage collected from police surveillance cameras and shared on Twitter by the account CPD1617Scanner indicates that the victim was walking down the street when he was attacked by the suspect(s).

He was trying to steal a car?

man try to steal car

At around 10:19 in the morning on Saturday, January 14, a guy was assaulted at the junction of State and Van Buren. The incident occurred on the previous day. At one point, another criminal grabs hold of him and drags him up, after which they bash his head on a steel beam that is being used to hold the L tracks.

The film depicted a wide range of distinct instances and scenarios. People began to theorise that the individual was a “Kia boy” who had been caught red-handed in the act of attempting to steal a car.

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People praising the suspects over internet

people praise man beating on street

According to statements made by other individuals, he attempted to carjack victims, but those individuals fought back against him. The video has been praised by thousands of people all over the internet as an example of the kind of street justice that a person who steals cars deserves to receive.

According to CWB Chicago, the victim filed a police report in which he indicated that he had been attacked for no apparent reason. This information comes from the report that the victim submitted.

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Victim was not a carjacker shows video

The security footage that the Chicago Police Department officers collected showed the individuals whom they believe were responsible for the attack walking away from the location of the incident. It was said that the victim had made an effort to steal a car from the people who were suspected of doing the crime.

It would appear that the surveillance footage that was provided by CPD1617Scanner provides credence to the victim’s story of what took place, lending credence to the victim’s account of what took place. The sequence displays him making his way up the street until he reaches the crossroads of State and Van Buren, where he is attacked by his attackers. The scene ends with him being defeated by his adversaries.

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Man got beaten on Street

The victim can be seen on the video getting beaten with kicks and punches before being flung against a steel girder after being hit with a metal club, dragged from the roadway, and kicked repeatedly. The video that was captured by the Chicago Police Department shows a bystander picking up the victim’s backpack after it had fallen into the street.

This takes place as the victim is being beaten by the perpetrators. According to the statistics kept by the Chicago Police Department, there were neither actual car thefts nor any attempts at committing carjackings in the area. There has been no information released on any arrests that have been made.


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