Serial Killer Dumping Bodies In Chicago’s Waterways

The amount of dead bodies that have been recovered from the river in Chicago is raising a growing number of concerns. People on social media are concerned that a serial killer might still be at large after the recovery of a body from Lake Michigan on the previous Sunday that had no identification on it.

The circumstances surrounding this case are comparable to those surrounding at least nine previous cases of people going missing near the rivers of Chicago. It’s been over a year since the disappearances began, and the circumstances surrounding the deaths of many of the victims are still a mystery.

Many dead bodies received from Chicago Waterways

It has the potential to become a chilling true-crime documentary in the near future. The Chicago River, the shores of Lake Michigan, and the harbours of the city have all been locations where dead bodies have been found throughout the year.

Even though it is not immediately clear that any of the fatalities were the result of criminal activity, the fact that all of the victims were young males and that their bodies were discovered in the city’s waterways has led residents to speculate that the murders may be related in some manner.

Citizen believes it to be Serial Killing

Many residents of Chicago are convinced that a serial murderer is prowling their city after the discovery of two additional bodies in just this last month. The horrifying findings have been made throughout the entirety year 2022, and a significant portion of the cases remain unresolved. In the month of December alone in 2022, two bodies have been recovered from Lake Michigan.

The body of Peter Salvino, who was 25 years old, was found by the Chicago Police Department earlier this week in Diversey Harbor, which is located on the city’s North Side and is one of the several inlets from Lake Michigan. On the evening, December 17th, Salvino, a doctorate student at Northwestern University, was last seen walking home from a party before he was reported missing.

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A very worrying & horrifying trend

dead bodies found in chicago waterways

His finding came just two weeks after the body of a Polish guy named Krzysztof Szubert, who was 21 years old and had been attending a Christmas party, was discovered unresponsive at a beach located two miles south of the city’s Oak Street. The authorities are still trying to piece together what happened to both of the men.

The deaths of Salvino and Szubert are only two examples of a worrying trend of unexplained fatalities that have occurred in Chicago this year. The list just keeps going and going, unfortunately.

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List goes on….

bodies found in chicago rivers and lakes

After going missing around Halloween in the year 2022, Inaki Bascaran, then 23 years old, was located in the Chicago River the following January. Daniel Sotelo and Natally Brookson, both students at the University of Illinois at Chicago, were located in Lake Michigan in the month of May, just a few weeks apart from each other.

After going missing from the Brighton Park section of the city in May, the body of Eden De La O, age 31, was found in a river downstream from where she was last seen. And in the month of April, three bodies were found in only two days, two of which were found in the River, and one of which was found in the Lake.

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Why people thinks it is all Serial Murders

The fact that many of the instances, though not all of them, follow similar patterns has led many people to fear the likelihood that Chicago is home to a serial killer. Nearly every body pulled from Chicago’s waterways has been identified as belonging to a male, with the majority of the victims being in their 20s or early 30s.

In addition, several of the deceased, including Bascaran and Szubert, were last seen in the city’s River North nightlife sector where there are a number of bars. Even though none of the circumstances surrounding these fatalities have been established as of yet, many residents of Chicago are sure that a serial killer is prowling the city since the patterns are too blatantly clear to be ignored.

To Conclude

Man in early 20s are gone missings and their dead bodies found in Chicago waterways. People have been warning each other that it is a serial killer. Whether there is a serial killer or not the situation is sad. Take care of youself and people around you.


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