Possible Gunshots Inside Dallas County Health Building

After receiving a complaint that what were believed to be gunshots were heard inside the Dallas County Health and Human Services building on Thursday afternoon, law enforcement personnel responded to the scene. Following the receipt of the tip, the police arrived at the location. Check more below.

Shooting inside Dallas County Heath Building

According to Carter, a worker who was stationed on the fifth level claimed hearing what sounded like gunshots coming from the floor below her. These gunshots were reportedly coming from the floor below her. After she called members of her family, who then called the police, an active shooter response was begun at 2:30 in the afternoon. She had called the police to report an active shooter.

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No injuries reported

A spokeswoman for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department named Jasmyn Carter told reporters outside the business that is located along the 2300 block of Stemmons Freeway that there have been no reports of injuries and that it is not yet known whether or not a shooting took place. The sheriff’s department is investigating the possibility that a shooting took place.

Shooting Inside Dallas County Health Building no injuries

Marian Brown, who is the sheriff of Dallas County, stated that the inquiry into the incident has not found any proof as of yet. However, the investigation is still in its early stages. On the footage captured by Texas Sky Ranger, it was possible to make out individuals being escorted away from the facility, as well as a huge number of sheriff’s deputies surrounding the building.

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Lock down & shelter placed | People in anxiety

Officers are currently conducting a search of the building, according to a representative for the local police department, and additional information will be made available in the near future. “We were told that there was a commotion in the area. There was some level of anxiety among them as a result of the fact that they did not understand what was happening place.”

Lock down and shelter placed after dallas shooting

This statement was given by Cristian Grisales, who was working on the eighth level at the time the statement was made. Cristian Grisales is a spokesperson for the DCHHS. “Police officers told us to lock down and shelter in place because it appeared that there was an issue with a shooter who was still on the loose,”.

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No indication of Man with Gun

The Dallas County Health and Human Services facility was searched by police on Thursday afternoon, and they claim that they did not find any indication of a gunman within the building. According to reports, a woman who was placed on the fifth floor of the building in Dallas, Texas, which is situated on N. Stemmons Freeway, called 911 and claimed that she heard pistol shots inside the building.

At this point, the police have stated that there have been no reports of anyone being injured, and the entire building has been evacuated. As they continued to attempt to clear the building, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins stated that there was no indication of an active shooter despite the fact that they were still working to clear the premises. “We are still trying to clear the facility,” Jenkins added. However, we are still in the process of cleaning the building.

Final Words

The first search that the Dallas Police Department carried out yielded no results; consequently, they are in the process of carrying out a second search right now. This is an absolutely brand-new piece of news that just came out. When further information is obtained, we will make it available to you here on this page as soon as possible.


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