Man Linked To Multiple Violent Crimes Across Pittsburgh Face Charges

A man from West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, aged 23 years old, is currently facing charges in connection to a number of violent offences that were reported across Pittsburgh. On Thursday, the most recent charges were filed against Tyler Johnson in connection with the horrific attack and robbery of a father who was playing with his son, who was four years old, at a playground. Check more below.

Attack at Herschel Park, Robbery, Home Invasion & More

In the court filings, it is said that the attack took place at Herschel Park in Elliot back in September of last year. According to the reports, Johnson and two additional suspects randomly confronted the father while brandishing guns and then threatened and assaulted him. They stole various items from him, including his keys, when they robbed him.

In addition to this, Johnson is being investigated for his possible involvement in a home invasion robbery that took place on Tacoma Street in July of 2022. According to the records filed in that case, three defendants are accused of holding a woman and her young children at gunpoint.

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Judge dismissed all the allegations

According to the documents filed in both cases, Magistrate Judge Leah Williams Duncan dismissed all of the allegations that had been brought against Johnson one month ago. Channel 11 reached out to the court of Judge Duncan to inquire about the reasoning behind that decision. When this item was initially published, we had not yet received a response to our inquiry.

Charges refiled against the man

charges filed against the man

According to the records, law enforcement has refiled the charges against Johnson in both of the aforementioned cases. According to the police, one of the suspects took the automobile of the victim for a short while, but officers were able to find it nearby and return it to its owner.

According to the allegations made in the court documents, Johnson and three other suspects obtained the victim’s personal information and then used it later that day to attempt to break into the victim’s home. The bungled effort at breaking in was captured on video.

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Police has identified the suspects

police identify the suspect

Police have identified two suspects in the attempted house invasion as Naquan Brown and Maurice White. Both individuals are currently detained and will be prosecuted for their roles in the incident. On Thursday, Brown made his appearance before a magistrate judge assigned to Scott Township.

Rachael Santoriella, his private attorney, told that she is looking forward to watching the surveillance tape but that other than that, she does not have any comments. The victims declined to speak on the situation. According to the documents, Johnson has been serving his sentence in prison since December of 2022.

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Facing charges in multiple violent crimes

Channel 11 conducted an investigation into his background and discovered that he is currently facing charges in connection with multiple other violent and armed attacks on victims in the city of Pittsburgh.

A Jitney driver was threatened and forced to leave a traffic stop in November of 2022, and Johnson has been listed as a suspect in the investigation. The incident occurred during the stop. Prentis Rose, age 22 and from Pittsburgh, was also accused of involvement in that crime.


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