Pittsburgher competes on post-Super Bowl premiere of ‘Next Level Chef’

When a producer for the Fox show “Next Level Chef” reached out to Munhall resident Kamahlai Stewart via her Instagram profile in the early part of 2022, Stewart initially believed that the message was a hoax. Are you telling me that we’re going to be on Gordon Ramsay’s show? “Like, get out of here,” was the command that she issued. Check more in the post.

Pittsburgher in “Next Level Chef”

After Stewart determined that the contact was genuine, she proceeded to fill out a questionnaire and then went on with her life, which included running a catering business with her husband, preparing to open a new event space called Top Tier Venue in Swissvale, raising her children, and competing on Very Local’s “Plate It, Pittsburgh.

Then, in July, she received a phone call informing her that she was one of the finalists for “Next Level Chef,” and she began a series of interviews via phone and Zoom before she travelled to London in September for filming. “I arrived just in time to see the passing of the Queen (of England). I’m thinking to myself, “Why can’t she just wait until I get there to meet her?” Stewart joked.

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Competition for $250,000

The second season debut of “Next Level Chef” will take place on Sunday, following the “Super Bowl LVII,” and will then move to its usual time slot on Thursday, February 16 at 8 p.m. ET. Contestants on the cooking show “Next Level Chef” compete for a grand prize of $250,000. They are divided up into three teams, with Ramsay teaching one of the teams, chef Nyesha Arrington guiding the second team, and chef Richard Blais directing the third group.

The action happens throughout a three-story set, with one team occupying each level of the set. The competition begins with an elevator coming down from the top floor packed with various materials. The contestants have 15 seconds to gather as much as they can from the elevator while it is on their floor. Stewart, 41, is on Blais’ team and she lucks into getting on the top level.

“That 15 was like five seconds. “Grabbing all of the items was such a stressful experience,” she added. It is necessary that you have the ability to create something from nothing.

Next Level Chef competition

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Aspiration to open a Cooking Academy

During the episode that aired on Sunday, Stewart compared the process of acquiring ingredients to “fighting for your last supper.” I reached for the ground turkey, but it was not of the highest quality. I’ve reached the very highest level. I’m working hard to put together a really impressive platter. I’m thinking to myself, “What in the devil are you going to do with this?”

Stewart stated that competing on “Next Level Chef” was a “amazing experience” that she believes would allow her to build her enterprises. She has aspirations of opening a cooking academy, where she would teach adolescents how to cook from scratch and steer them away from eating at fast food restaurants. But it also was exhausting.

Next Level Chef and plate it

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Stewart previously appeared was on “Plate It, Pittsburgh”

In addition to “Next Level Chef” and “Plate It, Pittsburgh,” Stewart appeared on television in August 2021 when Homestead police Chief Jeff DeSimone harangued a pregnant Stewart while she waited for her son’s medication at the drive-thru window of the Waterfront Giant Eagle pharmacy. Stewart was already well-known at the time for her appearances on “Next Level Chef” and “Plate It, Pittsburgh.”

“I’m waiting for the medicine, and he’s like, ‘You need to get out of line and walk back around,’ and I’m like, ‘If you’re in such a haste, you should go inside,’ ” Stewart remembered. After the event, DeSimone was given a three-day suspension without pay for her participation. Stewart stated that “he never apologised,” despite the fact that “some others on behalf of the bureau did apologise.”


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