Godfather Of Harlem Season 3

The American criminal drama television series Godfather of Harlem debuted on Epix on September 29, 2019. The 1960s New York City gangster Bumpy Johnson played by Forest Whitaker in the series is authored by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein. Along with Nina Yang Bongiovi, James Acheson, John Ridley, and Markuann Smith, Whitaker serves as an executive producer.

The show’s creator is Chris Brancato. The show received a second season renewal on February 12, 2020, and it debuted on April 18, 2021. The show received a third season renewal on January 13, 2022, and it debuted on the newly renamed MGM+ on January 15, 2023. Check more in the post.

Godfather of Harlem Storyline

The story is told in Godfather of Harlem “This is the true story of the notorious criminal leader Bumpy Johnson, who, after serving ten years in jail, emerged in the early 1960s to discover that the neighbourhood he had previously governed was in wreckage. Bumpy needs to take on the Genovese criminal family in order to restore control of the streets.

Which are currently dominated by the Italian mafia. In the midst of the conflict, he forges an alliance with the Muslim cleric Malcolm X, putting Malcolm’s political ascension in the crosshairs of a social revolution as well as a mob war that has the potential to split the city apart.”

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Godfather of Harlem Season 3 full schedule

Harlem’s Answer to the Godfather The third season will consist of ten episodes, all of which will be broadcast between January 15 and March 26, 2023. This is in keeping with the format of prior seasons, which likewise consisted of ten episodes. The complete agenda is as follows:

Episode 1 (January 15)
Episode 2 (January 22)
Episode 3 (January 29)
Episode 4 (February 5)
Episode 5 (February 19)
Episode 6 (February 26)
Episode 7 (March 5)
Episode 8 (March 12)
Episode 9 (March 19)
Episode 10 (March 26)

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Godfather of Harlem Season 3 All Episodes Summary

Episode 1 The Negro in White America

Godfather Of Harlem Season 3 episode 1

After the Harlem riots, Bumpy Johnson owes the Italians a drug debt that he cannot repay without robbing members of his own neighbourhood. Omar has the intention of winning Elise and Malcolm’s favour once again. Someone close to Stella places the order for the assassination of her.

Episode 2 Alzado

Mayme is taken captive by Joe Colombo in a manner befitting of a gentleman. Bumpy is furious as he gets ready for the upcoming battle. Realizing he requires assistance, Bumpy forms a partnership with the Cuban criminal Jose Battle. In the meanwhile, Chin gives Colombo the responsibility of safeguarding Stella.

Episode 3 Mecca

Godfather Of Harlem Season 3 episode 3

A political assassination is the favour that Jose Battle begs his new business partner, Bumpy Johnson, to perform for him. When Malcolm X visits Mecca, the Saudi authorities place him under arrest and question him. Mayme is being investigated by the office of the district attorney because of her connections to criminal organisations.

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Episode 4 Captain Fields

The Geechee is attacked by two uniformed police officers, which prompts Bumpy and Battle to make a move for control of the 27th police precinct in the area. Stella must determine whether or not she will inform on Colombo to the federal authorities. In the meantime, there is a danger to Malcolm’s life in Cairo.

Episode 5 Angel of Death

Godfather Of Harlem Season 3 episode 5

When Monsieur 98 comes back to bring in the next cargo of heroin, Bumpy and Colombo will have to battle it out for dominance of the drug trade. Elise is the recipient of Omar’s amorous overtures. Pettigrew first becomes aware of cocaine as a result of the love affair he is having with a Cuban woman.

Final Words

Now you know very much about Godfather of Harlem Season 3. Some episodes of the show are out and you can watch them, new episodes of the show coming very soon.


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