River Stone cause of death

Many people are curious about River Stone’s cause of death after Sharon Stone’s post on the internet about him. River Stone is the godson and nephew of the actress River Stone. River Stone was named after her.

A lot of people were taken aback by his passing away at such a young age, only 11 months old. The reason why they are interested in finding out what caused River Stone’s death. Read on for further explanation.

About River Stone

River Stone

River Stone is the godson and nephew of Sharon Stone, as well as the son of his parents Patrick and Tasha Stone. The 30th of August, 2021 was the day he left this world. In the year 2020, on October 8, River Stone was born. He had a total of 10 months to live before he tragically passed away from health issues.

Of the three brothers Quinn, Roan, and Laird, River was the sweetest. Being the youngest in the family meant that he also received a lot of love and attention. Sadly, Patrick Stone, his father, too passed away at the age of 57 from a heart attack.

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River Stone cause of death

When River passed away from organ failure, he had been hospitalised for a total of just one week. Stone made the announcement one month after River’s passing that his organs had contributed to the survival of three people.

The actress who appeared in “Casino” claims that her godson and nephew both gave their organs to people who were in need of them. The fact that my godson was able to save three people’s lives, including those of two infants and a man in his forties, was a source of comfort for her family, she said.

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Tasha Stone expresses deep sorrow

tasha stone in sorrow

Tasha had been devastated beyond belief. It is horrible for a mother to have her child taken from her by death barely 10 months into his life. She prays that her son is currently in heaven and that he is content up there. She laments the loss of her youngest son and claims that it is as like her heart is being torn from her chest.

Tasha Stone & Sharon Stone lose another family member

Patrick and Tasha Stone were River Stone’s parents. His mother and father both adored him, and according to her aunt Sharon Stone, he is not only her nephew but also a godson. Together with other family member deaths, the occurrence put the Family in a dreadful situation.

Sharon was devastated by the loss of her nephew and broke down as she tried to gather her composure. Two years later, her brother Patrick also passed away. She shared on social media about the tragic passing of her brother Patrick Joseph Stone at the age of 57.

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Stone thanks all the supporters

sharon stone thanks supporter

She expressed gratitude to everyone who has offered support during her time of sadness and thanked them all for their kind words. She added that her family has suffered numerous losses in recent years. In another post, Stone wrote Godspeed Patrick Joseph Stone with a broken heart emoji and the words Rest in Peace.

Tasha, Patrick’s wife, said that she had a heartbreak. She had to lose her spouse in addition to losing her son, and she has yet to fully recover. To her, Patrick meant the world.

To Conclude

River Stone son of Tasha and Patrick Stone died only living 10 months of his life due to organ failure. Just after 2 years Patrick also lose his life to health issues. Stone family is in sorrow, they thanks their supporter in the time of grief.


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