Amelia and Bennett: A Love Story That Continues to Inspire

Reality TV shows often have a reputation for creating drama, controversy, and fake relationships. However, once in a while, viewers are blessed with a genuine and beautiful love story. That’s the case with Amelia and Bennett, who met on the hit show “Married at First Sight.

Despite the unconventional way they met, they quickly fell in love and captured the hearts of viewers. In this article, we’ll explore their love story, their journey after the show, and answer the question, “Are Amelia and Bennett still together?”

Background on Amelia and Bennett’s Relationship

Amelia and Bennett were matched on the 11th season of “Married at First Sight.” Amelia, a medical resident, and Bennett, a theater director, shared a love for the arts, philosophy, and unconventional lifestyles.

Their connection was immediate and undeniable, with Bennett impressing Amelia by giving her a book of poems that he had written on their wedding day.

Throughout the season, Amelia and Bennett continued to grow closer, sharing intimate moments and discussing their future together. Despite having to overcome issues such as Bennett’s reluctance to have children and Amelia’s fears of commitment, they decided to stay together and give their relationship a chance.

Life After “Married at First Sight”

After the show ended, Amelia and Bennett moved to Virginia, where they currently reside. They have continued to pursue their passions, with Bennett continuing to work as a theater director and Amelia completing her medical residency and now working as a doctor.

Their love story has continued to captivate fans, with many wondering if they’re still together. The answer is a resounding yes! The couple has been open and honest about their relationship, sharing their ups and downs with their fans.

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They have remained a strong and loving couple, with their social media accounts filled with photos of their adventures and their unique sense of style.

Their Love for Each Other

Amelia and Bennett have not only maintained a strong connection but have also shown their love for each other in various ways.

On their first anniversary, Bennett shared a heartfelt message on his Instagram account, writing, “365 days of living with and loving this wonderful human. It’s hard to imagine life before you, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.”

Amelia has also shared her love for Bennett on her social media accounts, writing, “Thank you for being my person, my rock, my love. You make every day better.” Their love for each other is evident, and they continue to inspire their fans with their beautiful relationship.

Secrets to Their Successful Relationship

One of the secrets to Amelia and Bennett’s successful relationship is their openness and honesty with each other. They have been vocal about their struggles and have worked together to overcome them. In a recent interview, they both revealed that communication is the key to their relationship.

They take the time to listen to each other, understand their perspectives, and work together to find solutions.

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They have also shared that they have a deep respect for each other’s passions and interests. They recognize that they are different in many ways, but they use those differences to complement each other and support each other’s growth.


Amelia and Bennett’s love story is one that has captured the hearts of viewers, and for good reason. Despite the unconventional way they met, they have built a strong and loving relationship that has only grown stronger over time.

They continue to inspire their fans with their unique personalities, their shared passions, and their unwavering love for each other. To answer the question, “Are Amelia and Bennett still together?” – yes, they are, and we couldn’t be happier for them!


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