Do you remember the good old days when anime was considered an obscure subculture that only a small number of people in the English-speaking world were familiar with? Back then, finding high-quality anime required a bit of digging, as it was only sold in specialised stores or downloaded from torrent sites.

Animekimi is a wonderful place to begin if you are interested in finding places to watch free anime online. It may be viewed for free on one of the many websites that stream anime. You should keep reading the complete article if you want to learn more about it.

About Animekimi

Animekimi is a Thai website that provides anime enthusiasts from all around the world with access to free anime streaming. Animekimi has a huge selection of anime, including popular shows such as Attack on Titan, Naruto, dragon Ball Z, and Yuri on Ice. Animekimi also contains a lot of more anime.

They stock anime from a wide variety of categories. The genres of science fiction, horror, humour, romance, action, samurai, martial arts, psychological, mystery, demons, historical adventure, and as many other genres as you can think of are all acceptable.

Animekimi is a website that is simple to navigate and offers a search function that is straightforward. It offers an incredible interface that enables you to search for anime based on a variety of characteristics, such as their genre, the popularity of their seasons, and the schedules for their episodes.

If you can’t wait to find out what happened on the most recent episode of your favourite anime, then you’ll be happy to know that they also make the most recent episodes available to watch on their website for viewers who can’t wait. And the resolution of the films ranges from 144p all the way up to 720p, allowing you to use it whichever best suits your needs.

You can also download your favorite anime from Animekimi

animekimi watch anime online

They also provide dubbed as well as subtitrated versions of Thai anime. So, you are free to select either option. Hence, you may watch it streaming online, and you can also download it to watch it when you are not connected to the internet.

When you do not have a connection to the internet that is good or that works. Thus, click on the video, and you will see an icon indicating a download option below and to the right of the video. Just clicking it will bring up this page.

Animekimi Alternatives

There are some more websites that you can use as alternative to Animekimi, some of which are the following-


What Is Anicloud

Anicloud has swiftly risen to prominence among the top anime streaming services in Germany because it does not require users to register or log in. Also, the website offers free access to more than a thousand anime shows that do not require viewing fees.

Despite this, it is well known that there were numerous unlicensed streaming services that offered whole seasons of anime and movie series without a fee. But, there is now a website called anicloud where you may legally watch every episode of every anime series. These anime were created without paying any licencing fees.

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9Anime. To

Check out 9anime, a streaming service that provides content in both Japanese and English, to watch your favourite anime programmes online. Without becoming a member, you can view the most popular anime on this website.

The anime streaming service in question is named 9 Anime. 9 Anime is an excellent choice for individuals wishing to watch anime online because it is free and offers both dubbed and subbed versions in English.

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What Is AnimeSuge

You can watch anime online for free on AnimeSuge in Mandarin or English (both subtitled and dubbed). No payment is necessary, and there is no registration required to view the anime episodes on the website.

There is no need to register before watching anime; just browse to one of their websites, search for the show you want to watch, and begin watching right away.

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To Conclude

That was it for this post. We told you all the details regarding Animekimi and its alternatives. Hope you like the post.


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