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Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial Republican Congresswoman from Georgia’s 14th congressional district, has been making headlines for years for her extreme right-wing views and conspiratorial beliefs. However, in early 2021, she made news for a different reason: her divorce.

In this article, we will explore the details of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s divorce, the controversies surrounding it, and what it could mean for her political future.

The Announcement of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Divorce

On January 27, 2021, Marjorie Taylor Greene announced on Twitter that she and her husband, Perry Greene, were getting a divorce. The tweet read, “After 25 years of marriage, we are stronger than ever. Our children and our family are our priority.”

The announcement came as a surprise to many, as there had been no previous indication that the couple’s marriage was in trouble. In fact, Marjorie Taylor Greene had frequently referred to her husband as her “rock” and “best friend” on social media.

Controversies Surrounding Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Divorce

While the announcement of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s divorce was surprising in itself, it was what came after that caused the most controversy. Shortly after the announcement, rumors began to circulate on social media that Marjorie Taylor Greene had cheated on her husband with a fellow politician.

The rumors were fueled by a series of tweets from a Republican strategist named Amanda Carpenter, who claimed that Marjorie Taylor Greene had engaged in an extramarital affair with a “sitting Congressman.”

Carpenter did not provide any evidence to support her claim, but her tweets quickly went viral, and many people began speculating about the identity of the alleged Congressman.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene denied the rumors, calling them “fake news” and “completely false.” However, the rumors persisted, and some of her supporters even accused her of being a “traitor” and a “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) for allegedly betraying her husband and her conservative values.

What Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Divorce Could Mean for Her Political Future

While the rumors of an extramarital affair have not been proven, they have certainly cast a shadow over Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal life and could have implications for her political future.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is already a controversial figure in the Republican Party, with many of her colleagues denouncing her extreme views and conspiracy theories. Her divorce and the rumors surrounding it could further alienate her from her fellow Republicans and make it more difficult for her to get anything done in Congress.

Moreover, the rumors could also hurt her chances of reelection in 2022. Marjorie Taylor Greene won her seat in 2020 by a wide margin, but her district is not a safe Republican seat, and Democrats are likely to target her in the next election cycle.

If the rumors of an extramarital affair continue to circulate, they could give her opponents ammunition to use against her on the campaign trail.


Marjorie Taylor Greene’s divorce has been the subject of much speculation and controversy. While the rumors of an extramarital affair have not been proven, they have certainly cast a shadow over her personal life and could have implications for her political future.

As she continues to serve in Congress, it remains to be seen how the divorce will affect her relationships with her colleagues and her chances of reelection.


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