Anna Faris left mom

The departure of Anna Faris from the sitcom Mom was a blow to the show’s loyal audience. The celebrity made the announcement in September of 2020 that she would not be returning for the upcoming eighth season of the show. Her time spent pretending to be Christy Plunkett had run its course.

Faris, who is now 44 years old, plays a perfect example of a ditzy blonde. The witty actress has garnered a lot of attention thanks to the many hilarious roles that she has played in movies like “Scary Movie” and “The House Bunny.” Check the reason why she quit the show.

Faris’s characters Christy got a Happy Ending

Anna Faris christy got happy ending in mom

After making it public in September that she would not be returning to the role of star of the popular CBS sitcom Mom for its eighth season, Anna Faris was not present for the show’s premiere in early November 2020.

The writers decided to give the character who started it all a happy ending by sending Christy, played by Anna Faris, off to law school on the East Coast. This was a much better option than the one that many fans feared would happen, which was that they would kill off Christy’s character to explain her sudden departure.

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But why Anna Faris left “Mom”

Before the next season of the show started filming in early September 2020, Faris gave a revealing interview to Variety in which she explained why she departed Mom. It appears that she felt the need to change after considering her career options. “Some of the most exciting and rewarding years of my career have been the past seven years working on “Mom.”

Chuck, the authors, and my incredible castmates deserve all of the credit for making this a truly beautiful place to work “added the actor. “While my time as Christy is over, allowing me to pursue new options, I’ll be watching the upcoming season and supporting my TV family,” she said.

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Anna Faris thought to left the Acting

After leaving the sitcom “Mom,” Anna Faris recently admitted that she thought about giving up acting. She explained that she appreciated taking time off for the first time since beginning her profession. Faris explained how she made the decision to pursue her acting profession or end it, revealing that she sometimes questioned if she would have enough money to retire.

According to Faris, “I really started to think about where I wanted to go in terms of profession.” And I undoubtedly took advantage of my leisure time. After taking some time off, Faris came to the conclusion that it would be best for her to resume acting, albeit slowly and in roles that spoke to her creative side, one of which is her upcoming film “The Estate.”

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Cast & Crew shocked at Faris departure

It has been said that the cast and crew of Mom were taken aback by Anna Faris’s unexpected decision to leave the show. An anonymous source provided the publication with information regarding their response to Faris’ statement. “The news that Anna was going to leave came as a shock to everyone.

mom cast

That makes none of us happy, and none of us are happy “they let it be known. “That came out of nowhere, which was quite inconvenient, and it threw the entire network into disarray.”

To Conclude

Anna Faris who played Christy in “Mom” left the show to focus on other thing. It was so random that even the crew was shocked to know that. There was so much for the Anna Faris in the show but she had made the decision.


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