judge Mathis Show cancelled

Last week, Judge Greg Mathis revealed that his long-running daytime court show, Judge Mathis, had been cancelled by Warner Brothers. Judge Mathis hosted the show. Together with The People’s Court, this law-themed entertainment series, which has been running for the past 20 years, has been cancelled because the network has “gotten out of the judge show business.” Check more details.

About Judge Mathis show

Judge Greg Mathis, a former judge of Michigan’s 36th District Court and champion for Black rights, preside over Judge Mathis, an American reality court show based on arbitration. The first episode of the courtroom series aired on September 13, 1999.

judge Mathis Show

Judge Mathis hears small claims cases from his studio courtroom set in the first-run syndication programme. The series is the first court show with an African American judge to win a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Legal/Courtroom Program. It also won the NAACP Image Award.

Judge Mathis show cancelled but it is back

Allen Media Group, which is owned by Byron Allen, has secured the services of Judge Greg Mathis to host a new first-run one-hour programme that will premiere in the fall of 2023. This news comes only a few days after Warner Bros. announced that “Judge Mathis” will be ending after 24 seasons.

Allen Media Group has given “Mathis Court with Judge Mathis” a “solid go,” and the company is in the process of shopping the show to broadcast, cable, and distribution platforms.

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Judge Mathis respond to show get cancelled

“Hey folks, I’m sure by now you know that Warner Brothers is getting out of the judge show business β€” cancelling me and People’s Court β€” but the good news is, the other studios aren’t getting out of the judge show business,” he said in a selfie video while still wearing his judge robe.

“Hey folks, I’m sure by now you know that Warner Brothers is getting out of the judge show business β€” cancelling me and People’s Court,” he said. “And as you can see, something might be happening very soon, even if you are still wearing this robe.” “And in point of fact, if it does happen, it’s going to be β€” and it will be β€” this time with a Black studio.”

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The second largest running court show

Behind “Judge Judy,” which lasted for 25 seasons, “Judge Mathis” was also the second-longest-running court show still in production with the same host. Judge Mathis presided over 13,000 cases on his show during the duration of its run. “For years, I’ve watched with pride as Byron Allen created a world-class media empire.

judge Mathis Show is largest running show

I can’t think of a finer firm to collaborate with to write my next exciting chapter after 24 years on the radio, said Judge Greg Mathis. Byron and I are both from Detroit, so it’s amazing to watch him create the Motown of court programming by assembling all of the top judges from his eight court shows.

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Judge Mathis show awards

A PRISM Recognition for the court show’s “inspirational and uplifting messages to young people” was given in May 2002. A NAACP Image Award for Best News/Information – Series was later given to the court programme in 2004. Just before entering its historic 20th season, the court show won a Daytime Emmy Award in April 2018 for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program.

judge mathis show awards

When Judge Mathis won the Daytime Emmy Award in 2018, it made history as the first legal drama with an African American judge to do so. He thanked his diverse workforce of women and people of colour in his acceptance speech for his first-ever Emmy win. We are incredibly happy and grateful to have received this Emmy.

And after 20 years, I’m most happy for my workers and the diversity they stand for. Women and people of colour make up the bulk of our staff. And in this era of the Me Too movement, I believe this demonstrates that having a more diverse staff and hiring more women will help you succeed. Mathis received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 4, 2022.

judge Mathis Show fame

Why Judge Mathis show get cancelled?

The People’s Court and Judge Mathis will be cancelled after their current seasons, Variety said on Friday. Warner Bros. produced Judge Mathis and The People’s Court, both of which ran for 24 and 26 seasons, respectively. These daytime programmes were reportedly cancelled as a result of the weakening midday syndication landscape. Here are all the pertinent details.

To Conclude

Judge Mathis show is cancelled after more than 20 years of airing. But he not gone he is back with the bang and we have shared every detail about the same. Hope you like the post


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