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Sons of the Forest, a co-op survival game, will soon allow you to embark on an unknown and perilous island either alone or in co-op with up to eight other people. In this follow-up to Endnight Games’ The Forest, you’ll need to gather resources, locate food and fresh water, construct weapons and equipment, build a base, and defend it against the island’s deadly cannibals.

If you enjoy survival games, you definitely can’t wait to play, especially since Sons of the Forest’s release date has already been postponed a few times. Below is a list of Sons of the Forest’s regional release dates.

Sons Of The Forest release date and time

On February 23, Sons of the Forest is going to be made available for early access on Steam. The game will become accessible to players all over the world at nine in the morning Pacific Time. What that means in terms of other time zones is as follows:

Los Angeles: 9 am PT
New York: 12:00 pm Eastern Time
London: 17:00 (UTC + 5)
Paris: 6 pm CET
Sydney: 4 am AEDT (Friday)

Sons Of The Forest system requirements

On Steam, you may find a list of the requirements for playing Sons of the Forest on your computer. The minimum required processor for players is an Intel Core I5-8400 or an AMD RYZEN 3 3300X, although for the smoothest operation, an Intel Core I7-8700K or an AMD RYZEN 5 3600X is recommended instead.

sons of the forest system requirements

In addition, having 16 GB of memory ensures that there will be enough of room for games. In terms of graphics, the finest results may be achieved with an NVIDIA GeForce 1080Ti or an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT; nevertheless, players can get by with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB or an AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB.

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Sons Of The Forest dynamic seasons

The original game featured dynamic weather, which included rainy seasons and the typical day-and-night cycle found in horror games. The usage of dynamic seasons in Sons of the Forest, however, represents one of the most notable upgrades from the dynamic weather system in the first game.

For instance, if players were to return in the spring, the same location would be covered in orange foliage instead of being covered in snow and even have bodies of water frozen. Changing seasons give gamers a fresh challenge and a deeper level of immersion.

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Seasons impact on Gameplay

Instead of just isolated wet days like in The Forest, seasons have an impact on gameplay and how adversaries behave in various environments, allowing for a variety of battle strategies. Also, since there won’t be as much food available throughout the winter, resource management will play a bigger role in the game.

sons of the forest dynamic season

Players will therefore have to decide whether to store resources during the more merciful seasons or to risk the weather in search of supplies. If executed well, this level of immersion will transform the gaming experience. It’s not surprising that an ambitious game like Sons of the Forest was made available via early access to avoid launch delays and fix any bugs that might have appeared.

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How much Sons Of Forest cost?

Once it is made available in Early Access, Sons of the Forest will have a price tag of £25/$30/€30. When compared to this price, the cost of the original game, The Forest, which can be purchased right now for £15.49/$20/€16.79, is significantly lower. It is true that the base game has a history of significant price reductions (ranging from 60 to 75 percent) on Steam, and it is possible that Sons of the Forest will eventually follow suit.

You will need 20 GB to install Sons Of Forest

The system requirements that are stated on Steam indicate that the download size for Sons of the Forest will be approximately 20 gigabytes, which is far more than the 5 gigabytes of required space that the first version of The Forest required.

sons of the forest size

The developers of Sons of the Forest have suggested to players that, if at all possible, they should install the game on a solid-state drive (SSD) to ensure speedier load times. Hence, check to see that the drive on which you intend to install Sons of the Forest when the time comes has a minimum free space of at least 20 gigabytes.

To Conclude

We have shared different time zones when Sons Of Forests will be coming. Also shared the system requirements for the game and many other details. Hope you get what you were looking for. Thanks for reading.


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