is adam lambert gay

Adam Lambert claims that his relationship with his sexuality or gender might have been different if he were “growing up” today.

After finishing in second place on the eighth season of American Idol, Adam Lambert initially gained notoriety. Lambert started a solo career after winning American Idol and also sings as the lead singer for Queen + Adam Lambert.

Lambert stated in an interview with Attitude Magazine that if he were “growing up right now,” his “connection with” his “sexuality or gender” may be completely “different.”

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According to Adam Lambert, his opinions on his “sexuality” and “gender” may “be different.”

Recently, Lambert was announced as the February cover star of Attitude Magazine. The performer freely declares his sexual orientation and supports the LGBTQ community. Lambert discussed his views on sexuality and gender identification in a magazine interview.

“Would my relationship with my sexuality or gender be precisely the same if I were growing up right now, a teenager or in my early 20s in 2021? I’m not sure. According to, Lambert said to Attitude Magazine that “it might be different.

When we grow older, identity loses importance and mystery, Lambert continued. One reason the younger generation is so enthusiastic about pronouns and names for their gender is because of this. They are transforming into the person they wish to be. When you’re in your teens and twenties, you do that.

The performer “always adored donning makeup”

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During his time on American Idol in 2009, Lambert has a reputation for pushing the limits of the music business and the media with his style and appearance.

In an interview with Attitude Magazine, Lambert reportedly spoke about his love of cosmetics, saying:

“When you observe the situation today, it is much more evident and accepted. Before I got into the music industry, the only people who wore makeup in LA gay clubs were drag queens. There wasn’t much drag; it wasn’t a big industry. I’ve always like applying makeup because I adore the way it makes me look, how expressive and different it is.

What will Adam Lambert do after this?

The singer is a part of Queen + Adam Lambert and is also developing an unnamed musical.

“It’s about a somewhat obscure real-life guy. It’s been extremely exciting to compose music for other people’s stories. The 1970s are when it happens. I adore that period. I’ll release an album that’s related to the musical. I’m performing it on a concept album,” Lambert told Attitude Magazine.

The musician shared his thoughts on turning another year older with Attitude Magazine as he approaches his 40th birthday on January 29.

“I haven’t yet made any plans for my 40th birthday. I’ll go out with some buddies. Having a Peter Pan complex, 40 is a little unsettling for me. Having stated that, I’m currently going through a personal transition into the next chapter. It’s thrilling,” Lambert reportedly added, as quoted by


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