how old was mallory beach when she died

The death of Mallory Beach was a tragedy that shook a South Carolina community and the nation. Mallory was a young woman with her whole life ahead of her, and her untimely death has left many wondering what could have been.

In this article, we’ll explore how old Mallory Beach was when she died and the circumstances surrounding her death.

Who was Mallory Beach?

Mallory Beach was a 19-year-old college student from Hampton County, South Carolina. She was known for her bubbly personality and infectious smile. Mallory was a student at the University of South Carolina and had dreams of becoming a nurse.

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How old was Mallory Beach when she died?

Mallory Beach died on February 7, 2019, at the age of 19. She was killed in a boating accident that occurred on Archer’s Creek, near Parris Island, South Carolina. The boat she was on crashed into a bridge piling, throwing Mallory and several other passengers into the water.

The Circumstances Surrounding her Death

According to reports, Mallory and several other passengers were on a boat that was being operated by Paul Murdaugh, a fellow student at the University of South Carolina. Murdaugh was reportedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

After the crash, Murdaugh and some of the other passengers fled the scene. Mallory’s body was found a week later in a marshy area near the crash site.

The Aftermath of her Death

Mallory’s death had a profound impact on her family and community. Her parents filed a lawsuit against Murdaugh’s family, who owned the boat, and alleged that they had provided alcohol to underage passengers on the boat.

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The case gained national attention, and it was later revealed that Murdaugh had a history of alcohol-related incidents and had been arrested several times for driving under the influence.


Mallory Beach’s death was a tragic reminder of the dangers of alcohol and reckless behavior. Her life was cut short, and her family and friends will never forget the impact she made on their lives.

Her death has also raised awareness about the need for stricter boating and alcohol-related laws. While her death was a devastating loss, her memory lives on through the love of those who knew her best.


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