Primate with a tail, excluding lemurs, tarsiers, and lorises (thus the plural “monkey”). Around 200 species have been identified.

Monkeys can be distinguished from apes by their narrow chests, their tails (even if they are only a stub), and other skeletal characteristics.

Although baboons and mandrills are exceptions, most monkeys have a small, somewhat flat face with no remarkable prominence of the muzzle.

Most Species

Most species can be found in tropical forests and use all fours to get around. Except for the rare durukuli, most animals in the tropics of Central and South America are nocturnal scavengers that spend the day roaming in bands in search of food.

As monkeys can sit upright, they are able to do numerous manipulating tasks without having to use their feet. Most monkeys, with the exception of a few species native to the Old World, live in the trees and get around by swinging from branch to branch.

Both their hands and feet have five fingers and are used for grabbing, with the thumb and big toe being shaped differently from the others.

Whilst most primates have nails on their toes, marmosets have claws on every toe save their big toe.

Monkeys walk on the ground with their full soles contacting the surface, but their palms facing upwards. They can barely remain upright for any length of time and nearly never move bipedally.

Artistic Typography

A graphic designer’s work in typography is among the most serious possible endeavors. Fonts are a highly revered topic, as they are notoriously tricky to master and represent a single design element on which every single person has strong feelings.

But the international collective Monkey Type is taking a mysterious and playful approach to the medium. We have been communicating via email with the group, but our knowledge of it is limited to the character of Curious George.

Monkey Type, a collective of uncredited designers from different agencies in the United States and Europe, has the chops and sense of humor to produce great typefaces.

Living “on a continuous diet of bananas to fuel our bezier curves,” the collective began in 2015, “as kind of a joke,” it adds.

As a result of spending “too much time on Skype critiquing each others typefaces instead of focusing on our respective studio’s design work,” the designers behind.

Monkey Type decided to create a collaborative environment where they could “explore and develop our type design craft and simultaneously make fun of ourselves, our work, and the stuffy type design industry.”

The collective decided to take its name from Skype, the members’ preferred means of communication, in recognition of the dancing Monkey emoji.

here is no better emoji for expressing eagerness, it claims. We’d love to use the animation as our logo if it weren’t already owned by Skype.

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Cortex Musculosquelettal

Take a look at how it operates below: Microelectrode arrays were surgically placed into the motor cortex, the region of the monkey brain that regulates the voluntary movements of the arms.

While the monkeys learned to manipulate a cursor by moving their physical arms in front of cameras, the electrical activity of their neurons was monitored by the electrodes.

Using machine learning, the monkey’s intended left, right, up, and down cursor movements were deduced from the data stream.

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Is Shakespeare Typable By A Monkey?

A small number of monkeys can type a Shakespearean sonnet. Instead, just one monkey with some brain-reading hardware and a little help from a cheat sheet will do.

Something like this was developed by Stanford professor of electrical engineering Krishna Shenoy and postdoctoral fellow Paul Nuyujukian working at Stanford Bio-X, and it uses direct brain signal reading to control a cursor hovering over a keyboard.

In a preliminary study, monkeys were able to transcribe 12 words per minute of text from the New York Times and Hamlet.

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Paralyzed persons have successfully tested earlier versions of the device, but the typing was slow and inaccurate.

Recent efforts have been made to evaluate potential enhancements to the technology that deciphers brain signals and controls the cursor.

“Our results suggest that this interface may have significant promise for usage in individuals,” said Nuyujukian, who will join the Stanford faculty as an assistant professor of bioengineering in 2017.

That allows for a speedy enough typing discussion, the author says.


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