Armored truck guard shot during attempted robbery at Wendy's in West Chatham

The Chicago Police Department is investigating on a failed effort to steal an armoured truck from the West Chatham neighbourhood in Chicago. This neighbourhood is located in the city of Chicago.

The incident, as reported by the authorities, took place at a Wendy’s restaurant that is situated within a strip mall at 87th and Lafayette, which is situated just off the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Open fire on security guard

An armoured vehicle guard who was 38 years old was seen leaving a store in the strip mall at approximately three o’clock in the afternoon, according to the reports. Suddenly, as he approached the truck, a vehicle that was either gold or dark grey crept up behind him from behind.

According to the information provided by the FBI, three individuals exited from the van and opened fire on the security guard, hitting him despite the fact that he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

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Security guard taken to hospital

According to the Chicago Fire Department, one of them was struck, and his partner took him to Roseland Hospital with a graze cut to the abdomen after he had been removed from the scene.

armored truck guard taken to hospital

It is hoped that he will be able to return to his previous state completely. He is said to be in a stable condition at this time, according to the police. According to the report made by the police, there was no instance of theft involving either the vehicle or the guards.

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Another guard witness the shooting

A security guard who worked at a different store in the strip mall witnessed the shooting and reported that the car that opened fire on the armoured truck guard had been driving around the parking lot for some time before beginning the attack.

This information was provided by a witness who worked at a different store in the strip mall. There is not currently anyone being detained in custody at this time. At this time, there is an investigation being conducted.

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Investigation in progress

Police has came to the reported location at Wendy’s and trying to found the evidence to follow up the case. The guard who witness the crime has also been questioned to help the police to catch the criminal as soon as possible.

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