Paul Vallas controversy

Many have already begun voting early, and the day of the election for mayor of Chicago is only four days away. There are nine people interested in the position, and several of the frontrunners are already receiving negative attention for all the wrong reasons.

According to a story that was shown on Friday by Sabrina Franza of CBS 2, candidate Paul Vallas is currently dealing with a problem about his use of Twitter. Read on for further explanation.

Liked offensive & controversial tweets

Vallas is dealing with a variety of issues, including the Tribune’s admission that his Twitter account liked a number of derogatory and contentious remarks. Several of these singled out Lightfoot, referring to her as “the Gnome on the Fifth Floor” and “racist” respectively. In response to one of Vallas’ remarks, one of the tweets liked by his account read:

Paul Vallas twitter controversy

“Just don’t push the democratic agenda—the Chicagoans are sick of it. We just need someone to perform the job, not someone to defund this, reform that, colour this, or female that.” Another tweet that received likes mentioned that Brendan Deenihan, the chief of detectives for the Chicago Police Department, had announced his resignation and claimed that as “a white male,” he had seen “the writing on the wall.”

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Vallas respond to allegations

In response to the claim, Vallas stated that he did not “personally manage” the account and that he was “shocked” to learn of the allegations, since “this kind of repugnant and filthy rhetoric does not represent me or my values.”

Paul Vallas respond to controversy

“While I had nothing to do with liking these posts, our campaign takes responsibility and apologises, and we want to be clear that we have already taken immediate steps to restrict access to the account to prevent anything like this from happening again,” he continued in a statement sent to Newsweek.

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Registered to different vote locations

Despite being registered to vote in Chicago’s Bridgeport area, Vallas has reportedly claimed a house in Palos Heights as his permanent legal residence since 2009. Speaking to the newspaper, Vallas said that this was the result of their protracted “living apart” relationship.

“Sometimes, people stay married because they make specific arrangements,” he continued. I’ve always lived close to my workplace. We have been of the opinion that. I wanted my wife to be in her favourite environment, surrounded by her loved ones.

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Disaster for the city

In the most recent weeks, Vallas’ opponents have been critical of him, alleging that the city’s financial troubles are a direct result of his policies. Brandon Johnson, a Cook County Commissioner and an activist for the Chicago Teachers Union, described Vallas as a “disaster” for the city of Chicago.

According to Johnson, “it was his fiscal methods that lead us into the economic disaster that we have now.” “And now he wants to be trusted with the same budget that he wasn’t even able to get right while he was here? That poses a very substantial danger.”


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