While looking into a complaint of a missing individual, police discovered human remains in a freezer and subsequently arrested a suspect.

The victim is believed to be the 55-year-old building owner, according to investigators, and a suspect has been taken into custody, as reported by The Associated Press.

According To Chicago Police Department Chief Of Detectives Brendan Deenihan’s

interview with WBBM, the victim leases out rooms in her home and was reported missing on Monday night by one of her renters. Deenihan reported to the station that the caller had told police that there was a person living in the house who other people in the neighborhood feared.

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Disturbing New Details About Frances Walker’s Death Are Released By Authorities

Frances Walker was reported missing by a renter at 7 p.m. on October 10, prompting police to conduct a welfare check, as per the official report on the case.

Police arrived at Walker’s house and examined Kolalou’s room before releasing her to a waiting tow vehicle to take her to Foster Avenue Beach, where she said her car had broken down.

Before getting inside the car, Kolalou allegedly tossed the trash bags she was carrying into a dumpster on the beach.

Frances Walker’s Tenant killed Her, And Police Were Called To Her House.

Before the landlord’s murder, Sandra Kolalou had been reported to the police as a threat by her fellow tenants, the police say.

However, it is not known whether or not such charges were investigated against Kolalou at the time.
Family members of 69-year-old Walker, who have portrayed the landlord as friendly, have said that she has often dialed 911 out of fear for her life.

ABC reports that in the month of October, police had responded five times to Walker’s house before her murder.

The landlord has rights as a landlord, but if there are safety concerns or other problems, the landlord should also have rights as a cohabitant of the domain.

Furthermore, Kolalou has been charged with aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and concealing a homicidal killing by a truck driver, both felonies. Her next hearing is at the end of the month, and in the meantime, she is being held without bond.

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Dissembled Body Parts Of A 69-Year-OldChicago Landlord Were Discovered

  • In A Freezer: The neighbors of a ‘nice’ female landlady who neglected her garden over the weekend were concerned enough to phone the police, leading to the woman’s detention.
  • Frances Walker, 69, is an avid gardener, so her neighbors were worried when they didn’t see her tending to her grass over the weekend.
  • The women of the residence are suspected by the police of killing Walker and then storing her dismembered body in the freezer.
  • They located the tow truck driver, who said that the woman he had picked up had left a huge bag in a trash can.

Authorities in Chicago, Illinois, conducted a search of a residence on North Washtenaw Avenue, and there they discovered the body of a lady.

Once the mutilated body of her landlord was discovered in her Chicago home’s freezer, police arrested the resident.

The body of Frances Walker, 69, was discovered inside her white-framed North Washtenaw Avenue home, where she had been living and renting out rooms to women.

The police think that one of the tenants murdered Walker, dismembered her, and stored her body parts in the freezer.

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An Unidentified Renter Was Just Detained, And They Are Not Helping With The Inquiry.

Walker, a longtime resident and beloved member of the neighborhood where she served as a church pianist, has passed away.

As Walker is an avid gardener, her neighbors started to worry when they didn’t see her tending to her lawn over the weekend. She took her dog Lukey for long walks since she adored him.


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