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Vallas and Johnson each represent positions on the political spectrum that are diametrically opposed to one another in Chicago. Whereas Johnson, who is supported by the Chicago Teachers Union, has fought for a more progressive agenda, Vallas has advocated for a position that is more strong on crime.

The sluggish turnout

The beginning of the day saw a slow but steady increase in attendance, which continued throughout the evening. According to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, as of seven o’clock on Tuesday evening, a total of 507,852 votes had been cast.

mayoral election in chicago slow votes

Which represents approximately 32 percent of the city’s registered voters. In the election for mayor that took place four years ago, turnout stood at 35 percent.

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost

After a challenging stint as the leader of a city that is swamped by gun violence, Mayor Lori Lightfoot was unable to garner enough support to go to a runoff election on Tuesday, which resulted in her losing her attempt for a second term as this city’s mayor.

According to the Associated Press, the race to become the next mayor of Chicago will instead be decided by voters choosing between Paul Vallas, a former top executive of Chicago Public Schools, and Brandon Johnson, a commissioner for Cook County. The election will take place on April 4.

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Runoff between Johnson & Vallas

At this point in the election, 98 percent of precincts have reported their results, and Vallas is in the lead with 34 percent of the vote, followed by Johnson with 20 percent and Lightfoot with 17 percent.

A runoff election will take place in the race if no single contender receives more than fifty percent of the vote in accordance with the regulations governing local elections.

Contrast between Johnson & Vallas

Johnson and Vallas stand in stark contrast to one another. The Fraternal Order of Police used Vallas as a consultant when negotiating with the Lightfoot administration. He claims that under Lightfoot’s leadership, crime has gotten out of control and officer morale has reached a new low. He has called for hundreds more police officers to monitor the city.

Contrast between Johnson & Vallas

For his candidature, Johnson received around $1 million from the Chicago Teachers Union, and numerous other leftist groups, including United Working Families, supported him. The former teacher and union organiser has claimed that investing in mental health services, education, jobs, and affordable housing instead of more money for the police is the best way to reduce crime. Opponents like Lightfoot have accused him of attempting to defund the police.

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I am proud of my accomplishments Said Lightfoot

She reminded her supporters that she was proud of her successes, particularly Invest Southwest, which has brought investment and opportunity to underrepresented areas on the South and West Sides, but that she was unhappy that the work still needed to be done. She added that she will support whoever is elected to the position of mayor in the future.

How other candidate performs

chicago mayoral election

In fifth place was businessman Willie Wilson, who received 9 percent of the vote, while in fourth place was Jess “Chuy” Garca, who received 13 percent of the vote. There was not a single other contender who earned more than 3% of the vote.

First time in 4 decade

It has been forty years since a sitting mayor of Chicago has failed to win reelection, therefore Lightfoot’s loss marks a historic first. Jane Byrne was unsuccessful in her bid for reelection in 1983, and Eugene Sawyer was defeated by Richard M. Daley in a special election in 1989.


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