What Is the Green Industrial Revolution and Why Is It Needed?

The impact of climate change on the planet is apparent. Droughts, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters are seen more frequently than a few decades ago. The collective answer to climate change, carbon emission, and other environmental problems is Green Industrial Revolution.

In this blog, we will discuss the green industrial revolution, what areas of the environment it affects, and why it is essential right now.

What Is Green Industrial Revolution

The green industrial revolution is a shift from an economy that focuses only on perpetual profits to an economy that focuses on sustainable growth and hence is more eco-friendly. This revolution is carried forward by individuals, organizations, and even governments across the globe.

Technical advancement has made it possible to minimize the industrial impact on the environment while achieving growth at the same time. This is done by shifting to better waste management, sustainable agriculture, clean transportation, and renewable sources of energy.

Key Areas of the Green Industrial Revolution

The green industrial revolution spans many industrial areas. When added up, changes made in these key areas can lead to a paradigm shift. Right now, governments and organizations are focusing on the following key areas:

  • Green Finance: Historically, large organizations had a hard time reporting their impact on the environment. But the green industrial revolution is pushing organizations to adopt low-carbon technologies and policies.
  • Homes and Public Buildings: A major part of carbon emission is done by homes and public buildings. But, zero energy buildings and decarbonization of buildings are two concepts that gaining momentum because of the green industrial revolution. If zero buildings become a new norm, carbon emissions could be controlled to a large extent.
  • Aviation and Greener Maritime: In the past, most international climate agreements left aviation and shipping. But these two sectors represent a big part of the greenhouse gas emission globally. The green industrial revolution is pushing companies in these sectors to invest more in research and development (R&D) so that they can reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Nuclear: Public perception is yet to change toward clean nuclear energy. Though nuclear energy is yet to be commoditized, many companies are investing in nuclear R&D – all thanks to the green industrial revolution.
  • Electrical Vehicles: The automobile sector is already leaving fossil fuel engines behind to adopt electric engines. Two major reasons behind this shift are the increasing demands for electrical vehicles and tax incentives from the governments to go green.

Why We Need Green Industrial Revolution

Air pollution, water pollution, rising global temperature, extreme weather – the list of how unsustainable growth impacts the environment is long. The economy has already taken a big blow. We can not afford to take another hit on a global level. The only apparent solution for this is the green industrial revolution.

What makes the green industrial revolution so effective is that it acknowledges the fact that economic growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Earlier, only governments and non-profit organizations used to participate in environmental saving programs. But the green industrial revolution has the ability to incorporate private organizations too.

You or your organization can also become a part of the green industrial revolution by adopting green tech and environmentally friendly policies. To figure out the best ways to deploy your resources, you can collaborate with a reputed electrical brand.


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