Employee Shot in Face at Hot Dog Restaurant Service Window

According to the Chicago Police Department, on Friday morning in the Lawndale neighbourhood, a guy who was working at a restaurant service window was shot and killed. According to the police, the incident took place at approximately 3:10 a.m. in the 3800 block of West Harrison Street at the eatery known as the Original Maxwell Street.

According to the police, the employee was shot in the face. According to the authorities, the victim was in severe condition when they arrived at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, where they eventually passed away.

Customer return with gun and shot worker

Chicago County prosecutors stated in court on Thursday that a customer at a West Side hotdog stand claimed he was insulted by an employee before returning with a gun and killing the worker. The incident occurred when the customer returned to the stand.

Prosecutors allege that Joseph Freeman got into a dispute with a worker named Jose Adalid Celis Gonzalez at the Original Maxwell Street eatery on the previous Friday. Freeman threatened to return with a firearm and “shoot up the business,” according to the allegations made by the prosecution.

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Security video shows the suspect

Prosecutors claim that Freeman was calmed down by an off-duty police officer who was waiting in line at the restaurant after he made a “gun signal” with his hand. Freeman was escorted back to his vehicle by the officer’s friend, and the officer then drove off.

Employee Shot in Face video

Yet, twenty minutes later, Freeman allegedly returned with a firearm in his possession. According to the prosecutors, high-definition security video from the restaurant shows the suspect returning to the establishment in the same vehicle, wearing the same apparel, and lowering his T-shirt to partially disguise his face.

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Authority respond to call

According to the allegations made by the prosecution, Freeman approached the service window, reached inside with a revolver, and fired three times, striking Gonzalez. Around 3:30 in the morning, authorities responded to a call at a restaurant located in the 3800 block of West Harrison Street. They transported Gonzalez, 30, to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he later passed away.

Employee Shot in Face police respond

The prosecution claims that surveillance footage shows Freeman driving away from the scene down the alley with his lights off. The vehicle was eventually identified as belonging to Freeman through the use of the police department’s own security cameras as well as automatic licence plate scanners.

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Trooper recognised freeman

According to the charges, Freeman messaged a buddy of 20 years who had served as a trooper for the Illinois State Police the day after the homicide. Freeman, who is now 47 years old, allegedly stated that they needed to meet in person but the meeting never took place.

Employee Shot in Face suspect

The trooper was questioned by the Chicago police at a later time, during which the Chicago police showed him videos relating to the murder. According to the allegations, the trooper recognised Freeman in those films.

Detained without bail

Tuesday was the day that Freeman presented himself to the authorities. According to the statements made by his attorney in court, he resides in Bellwood with his wife and a child who is 16 years old. He is employed in the capacity of machine operator. On a count of murder, Judge Charles Beach issued an order that Freeman be detained without bail.


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