Unfortunately for us, he has disappeared to hone his arson investigation talents, and we are a group of fifty-one who miss him dearly.

The final moments of Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14 are cryptic. After entering Molly’s, Severide (Taylor Kinney) takes a seat at the bar, and a worried Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) approaches him.

Hey, She Says, “I Got Your Mail Regarding Van Meter (Tim Hopper). How Are Things?”

In response, Severide delivers Stella his phone in silence so she can check her message. She exclaims, “Wow”. So, what are you going to do.

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The closing credits roll before Severide has a chance to say anything, but in the March 1 episode of Season 11 we finally find out what happened. Continue reading.

Where Did Severide Go In Season 11 Of Chicago Fire?

Arson investigation, one of Severide’s professional obsessions, is the cause for his absence in Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 15.

You may recall Van Meter’s text message from Episode 14. You see, he heads up the CFD’s Office of Fire Investigation, and his communication to Severide was an invitation.

What? “

Why You Pulled My Squad Lieutenant Out Of Action With Only A Day’s Notice?” Boden Retorts, Visibly Annoyed.

Fair enough, Severide could have said no, Van Meter concedes. But, Wallace, this is the most effective arson investigation course anywhere in the world. Without a doubt. Suddenly,

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This Window Of Opportunity Appears?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Severide. I saw him track down that electric vehicle charger, and after that, I couldn’t think of a better candidate. I pray you get what I’m trying to say.

Well, I see what you’re getting out of it,” Boden says.

Notwithstanding rumors to the contrary, Van Meter insists that Severide has no plans to join OFI. I realize it will be a financial strain on the home for some time. Yet the department as a whole will gain from Severide’s knowledge once he returns to 51.

That’s the only reason I’m cooperating,” Boden adds.

So, there it is, folks. Severide has gone to hone his abilities as a fire investigator. Van Meter is correct; Severide couldn’t pass up this opportunity, despite being 51 years too late.

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Van Meter visits Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) workplace to fill him on.

Just wanted to explain it to you in person,” Van Meter says to Boden.

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The Question Really Is How You Could Possibly Disagree.

It’s safe to assume that in an ideal universe, new episodes of the firefighter drama would be released as quickly as feasible.

Obviously, we are not living in that ideal world. It will be a while before the show returns to television; at the earliest, it won’t be until March 22.

Repeats are scheduled for March 8 and March 15 according to the schedule that NBC has given up until that time.


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