It’s not hard to find shows that speculate on what life would be like if the past were rewritten, but few have been as successful as “For All Mankind” on Apple TV+ in creating a fascinating alternate reality storyline.

The series centers on an alternate history in which the Soviet Union wins the global space race of the 1960s, and it follows the lives of a number of astronauts as they deal with issues of self-discovery and the perils of outer space over the course of several decades.

The program hasn’t been shy about filling its idea of an alternate chronology with wacky details, too, which is great news for history nerds.

When Can We Expect To See Season 4 Of For All Mankind?

For All Mankind is an exclusive to Apple TV+. As a commercial-free streaming service, it does not follow the standard fall premiere timetable for long-running television shows on broadcast networks.

On November 1, 2019, the first three episodes of Season 1 of “For All Humanity” were made available online, with subsequent episodes being released weekly until December 20, 2019.

The second season premiered in the middle of February 2021 and ran all the way through April of the same year.

Season 3 of the space race series premiered on Apple TV+ in June 2022, continuing the 14-month wait between seasons. If Apple TV+’s past release pattern holds, a new season should be available on the service a year and a few months after the conclusion of the previous one.

Season 4 of “For All Mankind” is expected to launch in October 2023, fourteen months after its initial production start date of June 2022.

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When Will Season 4 Of For All Mankind Air, And What Will It Focus On?

For those who have been following “For All Mankind,” you know that the third season ended tragically, with the NASA headquarters being attacked by terrorists, killing numerous important characters.

Like with every season before it, “For All Humanity” will skip over the immediate aftermath of these events in favor of a time jump into the future.

While continuing to feature the same high-quality, realistic space action as in previous seasons, Season 4 will advance the story to the year 2000, more than 30 years after the show’s initial setting. “

I feel each season, we’ve gone from a program that seemed more like a period piece to one that’s truly feeling more and more science fiction,” executive producer Ben Nedivi told TV Insider.

Achieving the goal of “making these lovely performers make [sic] elderly and wrinkly” has been a goal of the production team.

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Season 4 Of For All Mankind Has Which Actors?

Many of the viewers’ favorite characters from the first three seasons will return for the fourth season of “For All Mankind,” but there will also be some notable absences.

Most of the cast was present during the Season 4 renewal announcement, however the Season 3 finale episode aired soon after, and it showed that several cast members’ tenure on the program had ended.

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Who Are Season 4 Of For All Mankind’s Showrunners?

Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedivi, the original creative team behind the “For All Humanity” series, oversaw all three of the films before this one.

All three of the show’s main creatives also acted as executive producers, and they’ve all previously worked on other hit shows.


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