With its premiere in July 2017, FX’s drama series Snowfall has served as a stark reminder of the lasting effects of the war on drugs in the United States. The drama, which was co-created by the late filmmaker John Singleton

(of such classics as Boyz n the Hood), consistently provided the level of quality expected from a classic gangster film, right down to the unflinching gore and insightful social commentary on drug selling and addiction.

Singleton told Thrillist in 2017 that he “truly wanted to see the transformation from what we saw in my first movie, Boyz n the Hood,” to how it got that way.

The show’s main character, played by Damson Idris, became a global superstar, and it became FX’s highest-rated program in the network’s history because it wasn’t afraid to have viewers fall in love with its protagonists even while they were being shot to death.

When Will Snowfall Return, And What Will Season 6 Entail?

The conclusion of Season 5 has set the stage for a final season of Snowfall that will be the bloodiest of the series.

Alliances have been formed, and each other is the primary goal. After Franklin’s decision to end his narcotics business and start a legitimate one, Teddy emptied his Cayman Island bank accounts of the entire $73 million that had been stashed there.

Franklin and his mother Cissy, aided by the KGB, plan to exact revenge on Teddy and anyone else who stands in their way, including members of their own family.

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Check Out The Season 6 Teaser For Snowfall!

Over the course of five seasons, Snowfall has shown how the first crack epidemic and an undercover CIA operation contributed to the destruction of a once-thriving section of South Central Los Angeles due to rock cocaine.

The Saints’ sixth and final season takes place in October 1986, and the family is in danger due to civil strife.

Franklin is at his wit’s end after losing his entire family to ex-CIA agent Teddy McDonald, so he decides to rob his Aunt Louie and Uncle Jerome.

But Louie is hiding a few surprises up her sleeve. In replacing Franklin as Teddy’s sole customer, Louie undercuts her nephew and sets up a rival business to the empire.

To survive, Franklin must outsmart the KGB, the DEA, and the CIA, while avoiding the LAPD’s fully militarized, totally corrupt C.R.A.S.H units, and he risks losing everyone he loves about and everything he has worked for.

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Complete Character List For Season 6 Of Snowfall

The core cast will return for the last showdown, with the exception of the characters that perish in the penultimate episode of the fifth and final season.

Idris will reprise his role as Franklin Saint, joined by Carter Hudson as Teddy McDonald, Isaiah John as Leon Simmons, Amin Joseph as Jerome Saint, and Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata. All of these actors and actresses will be in the sixth season of Snowfall:

  • Franklin (played by Damson Idris) Saint
  • The role of Veronique, played by Devyn Tyle
  • Skully Brandon (Isaiah John) DeRay Davis (Isaiah John) Peaches (DeRay Davis) Det. Buckley, played by Jay McLaren
  • Kane Hamilton, played by DeVaughn Nixon
  • Parissa, played by Tiffany Lonsdale
  • The role of Wanda Bell, played by Gail Bean
  • Angus MacLachlan as Uncle Jermone Amin Joseph as Uncle Louie
  • Role of the Cissy Saint: Michael Hyatt
  • “Teddy McDonald” and “Reed Thompson” are played by Carter Hudson as respectively
  • Actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta plays Zapata’s alias, “El Oso.”
  • Playing the role of Avi Drexler is Alon Abutbul.
  • Brandon Det. Buckley, played by Jay McLaren

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Find A Place To See Snowfall 6 Here.

To date, there have been five distinct seasons. Seasons 1 through infinity are available to stream in their entirety on Hulu.

Snowfall may also be viewed on Disney+ Hotstar in India. This service provides access to the entire series. BBC player only has seasons 1-3 available for UK residents. On the other side, Australia is a place where all five seasons can be experienced.


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