There have already been three medical interventions in the first three days of the game. Both of the season’s first two challenges were abruptly ended in the middle of the action.

For the first time in Survivor history, a Shot in the Dark was played without any negative consequences. The majority in a Tribal Council meeting consists of exactly one person. There’s a person with the surname Yam Yam.

Is Anyone Here A Medical Professional?

Before I say anything further, I’d like to express my sincere hope that Dr. Will is submitting a substantial overtime claim for the work he’s done during the first three days. In fact, in the pilot, Dr.

Will was given more time on screen than Josh. Also, when Josh was a kid, he was very close to passing away. Producers are drawn to tragic stories like flies to a swarm.

I feel bad for Dr. Will because no matter how many medical emergencies arise during his time on Survivor (and he’s working at a hell of a pace so far! ), he will always be the second most famous Dr. Will to come out of reality TV.

If you don’t know the first, you must take great pride in expecting the expected. (That also means you don’t waste your time like I do by watching complete strangers lie, cheat, and steal for our enjoyment.)

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Scratching Your Head

Whoa, that stung. Obviously not in a bodily sense. Well, I mean in the literal sense that it pained him when it happened, but it was just as painful for us to have a player taken out of the game due to an injury so early in the season. Brutal. The stage must be set.

Matthew Has Fallen!

So, we’ve been anticipating this since the season 44 trailer debuted in December, but it hasn’t made it any easier to watch. This week, Matthew (not to be confused with Matt, another guy with the same name) was receiving a romantic revision.

In the “Sweat” challenge, we witnessed him and Brandon putting their bodies to the test by lugging heavy coconuts. We watched as he built the fire, constructed the shelter, and hunted for crab. The possibility of his death was witnessed by us as well.

More And More Bad News (In Medicine) Keeps Rolling In

Some tasks appear simpler on screen than they actually are. One of them is digging. If a contestant on Survivor is seen digging deeply, feel sorry for them. It’s not need to look any further than the first challenge on Gabon or the one that took out three people in Kaoh Rong to see how terrible this kind of thing is.

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Tenseness Inside The Cell

I won’t be coy about this at all. I’m going to say what has to be said about the producers leaving a locked birdcage with a mystery bag inside in each of the three camps. That being said, I absolutely adored it.

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The whole thing was fantastic. Why Brandon bragged to everyone on Ratu that he had found the key and opened the cage in front of their eyes is beyond me. However, he made that poor choice before he became dehydrated, so he has no excuse to use lightheadedness as an explanation.

Suppose Brandon Was A Super Genius, He Might Have Done The Following:

  • First, keep it a secret from Maddy.
  • Two, keep it a secret from everyone.
  • Third, get some water. Hydration on a grand scale.
  • Fourth, single-handedly unlock the enclosing cage and remove the idol and the phony idol from their respective bags.
  • Fifth, fill the bag with rocks to make it appear more substantial.
  • The final step is to return the rock-filled bag to its cage.
  • 7th Step: Close and secure the door.
  • Eighth, replenish your water supply. Seriously!
  • Step 9: Dispose of the key by dropping it into the water, making it appear to the tribe that nothing was ever taken from the cage.


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