The long-awaited conclusion to Season 4 of Attack on Titan is here. After 12 episodes, MAPPA’s most recent season completed last year, but it wasn’t long enough to stop Eren’s carnage. Part 3 of Season 4 has been announced by the producers as the final episode of Attack on Titan.

When Will The Third Episode Of Season 4 Of Attack On Titan Be Released?

Part 3 of Season 4 of Attack on Titan will air on March 3 or 4, 2023, depending on where you live. Episode 88 of the anime series will premiere at 12:25 AM on March 4 in Japan, however due to time zone differences, most worldwide fans will not be able to watch it until March 3.

Attack on Titan Parts 1–2 are currently streaming on Crunchyroll, so that’s where the third installment will likely appear for fans throughout the world.

In any case, Crunchyroll hasn’t made any official announcements just yet. In any case, this is the precise time when you’ll view Season 4 Part 3 for different areas, assuming the streaming provider simulcasts the upcoming episode (as it has with prior seasons)

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A Date Is Set For The Publication Of The Third Episode Of Season 4 Of Attack On Titan

Episode 1 Of Attack On Titan On Friday, March 3rd, In The United States, The Final Season Part 3 Will Be Made Available.

On Saturday, March 4 at 12:25 a.m. JST, the hour-long episode will premiere in Japan.

There have been no recent developments regarding where the series will be available to view internationally.

Considering that Crunchyroll has streamed the show’s prior seasons, it’s probable that the show will be available there as well. One hour after the broadcast in Japan, the simulcast will be available. What a schedule like this in the US would look like:

Time: 11:25 a.m. EST (10:25 a.m. CT) (10:25 a.m. PT)

Conclusion To Attack On Titan’s Third Season

A Japanese TV Guide Now Features An Official Summary For The Upcoming Final Season.

In an endeavor to destroy the Earth, Eren sets off “The Rumbling,” as the synopsis puts it. An army of Titans, seemingly without number, begins to advance, destroying everything in its path.

The last people standing to stop Eren are Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Hanae, Reiner, Annie, Pieck, and the terminally wounded Levi.

Episode 1 of Attack on Titan With a launch date in December of 2020, the Final Season ran for a total of 16 episodes.

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The sequel premiered in January 2022 and consisted of 12 episodes. MAPPA is responsible for the fourth season of Attack on Titan. After the second half of Season 4 airs later that year, the third installment will premiere in March 2023.

In Attack on Titan, humans have taken refuge in fortified cities from the monstrous Titans who roam the landscape. Eren Jaeger, a teenager with aspirations of joining the Survey Corps, a military organization that fights the Titans, is the protagonist of the novel.

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Snapshot From Episode 3 Of Season 4 Of Attack On Titan

A new official still image of the season featuring Levi and Hange, two of the show’s most popular characters, was also published alongside the synopsis.

Hange, wearing her signature eyepatch, appears worried in the image as the couple gets ready for fight, while Levi, in a nod to the show’s trademark military salute, looks aside while holding his fist to her chest.

In the upcoming weeks, these two will undoubtedly be tested to their limits. Viewers can look forward to a number of surprising developments in the remaining episodes, and to say that the series finale will be emotionally charged would be understating things significantly.


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