Judge Newman Son Death

The judge who handed down the life sentence to Alex Murdaugh on Friday for the murder of his wife and son has garnered praise and admiration for his fair and impartial demeanour throughout the entirety of the trial, as well as for his reprimanding of the once-prominent lawyer in the courtroom immediately prior to sending him to prison. Check out what happened to his son in the last piece to get an idea of the difficulties he has in his personal life.

Alex Murdaugh not sentenced to death by Judge Newman

On March 3, 2023, Judge Clifton Newman—whose son, Brian, passed away a few months before the trial—sentenced Alex Murdaugh to life in prison. Alex Murdaugh was given a life sentence on Friday, January 3.

The announcement comes weeks after Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal, a Netflix documentary based on the Murdaugh family’s experiences, was made available. Judge Newman’s personal life also gained attention during the trial as witnesses changed their accounts of his son’s passing.

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Judge Newman’s decision

Judge Clifton Newman sat back, rocked his chair back and forth, and addressed the defendant squarely before handing down two consecutive life sentences for the murders of Alex Murdaugh’s wife and kid. Judge Newman replied in a measured and quiet voice, “I don’t question at all the state’s decision not to pursue the death penalty.

Yet as I sit here, I think about how for the past century, members of your family, including you, have been bringing cases in this court, and many of them have been given the death penalty, possibly for crimes of a lesser nature.

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What happened to Judge Newman’ son Brian

Brian Newman, the son of Judge Newman, passed away from a heart attack brought on by a blood clot in his heart. The occurrence happened on January 3, 2023. Brian, who served as Columbia’s youngest councillor, made the decision to continue in his father’s political career.

judge newman son brian

Judge Newman is a proud father to three additional kids in addition to Brian. Circuit court judge Jocelyn is his father’s daughter. His other two children, Corwyn and Kellee, have been pursuing careers as mathematicians and engineers, respectively.

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About Judge Newman

Attorney and judge Clifton B. Newman hails from the United States and serves on the South Carolina Circuit Court in an at-large capacity. Since his election in the year 2000 by the general assembly of the state, he has been sitting on the bench as a judge.

judge newman

In 2021, he won reelection to a fourth and final term in office. In his capacity as a judge on the circuit court, he has presided over a number of high-profile trials, such as those involving Michael Slager, Nathaniel Rowland, and Alex Murdaugh, among others.

Judge Newman family & personal life

Together with his wife Patricia, Newman resides in Columbia, South Carolina. They have four kids together. Jocelyn Newman, a judge on the circuit court, is Newman’s daughter. Until his passing on January 3, 2023 (cardiac attack), Brian DeQuincey Newman, the son of Newman, was the youngest councilman serving the city of Columbia.

judge newman personal life

The civil rights activist Isaiah DeQuincey Newman’s nephew is Newman. He chairs the administrative council at the Methodist church where he regularly worships. He enjoys renovating homes as a pastime and has won accolades for his efforts in historical preservation.

To Conclude

While the Alex Murdaugh case was followed by many people, a personal damage of the Judge Newman came out that his son Brian, 40, died a little ago due to a cardiac attack.


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