The Black Death

The bubonic plague epidemic known as the Black Death, often referred to as the Pestilence, the Great Mortality, or the Plague, struck Western Eurasia and North Africa between 1346 and 1353.

The epidemic is the deadliest in recorded human history. The second plague pandemic began with the Black Death. Religious, social, and economic upheavals brought about by the plague had a significant impact on the development of European history. See more in the article.

Black Dead: The deadliest pandemic of history

The Black Death pandemic

The dreaded illness, often known as the Black Death, killed millions over ages by spreading swiftly. Although the bacterial illness still exists, antibiotics can be used to treat it. More people died during the Black Death pandemic that swept Europe between 1347 and 1351 than during any other documented epidemic or war up to that point.

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Cause of Black Dead

It is generally accepted that the disease known as the plague, which is brought on by an infection with the bacterium Yersinia pestis, was the cause of the Black Death. According to the findings of recent genetic studies, the strain of Y. pestis that was introduced during the time of the Black Death is the progenitor of all currently circulating strains of Y.

Pestis that are known to cause disease in humans. As a result, the roots of plague epidemics in current times can be traced back to the mediaeval period. Several pieces of scientific evidence have pointed to the possibility that a virus was the cause of the Black Death.

Death of 50 Million people

At the middle of the 1300s, a form of bacteria that was carried by fleas and rats raced across Asia and Europe, triggering bubonic plague outbreaks that resulted in the deaths of many people. The so-called “Black Death” is one of the most infamous pandemics in historical memory.

The Black Death 50 million people dead

According to the estimates of numerous specialists, it was responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people in Europe, which represents the vast majority of the population on the continent.

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60% European population wiped out

Philip Daileader, a mediaeval historian, estimates that between 45 and 50 percent of Europeans perished from the plague over a period of four years. According to Norwegian historian Ole Benedictow, this number may have reached 60% of Europeans.

In 1348, the epidemic spread so quickly that a third of the European population had already perished before any doctors or government officials had time to consider its causes. It was not unusual for up to 50% of the population to pass away in densely populated areas.

Black Death origin

“They come to the conclusion that all three of the major epidemic waves started in China, which is where the base of their family tree is located, in the issue of Nature Genetics that was published online Sunday [October 31, 2010] It is believed that the Silk Road is how the plague would have entered Europe.

The Black Death origin

The expeditions of the Chinese admiral Zheng, He who brought a fleet of 300 ships to Africa in 1409, was likely responsible for the spread of a plague pandemic that reached East Africa.

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Antibiotics to Black Death

Insecticides, the usage of antibiotics, and a plague vaccine are examples of contemporary therapeutic strategies. It is believed that the plague bacterium may grow drug-resistant and pose a serious threat to public health once more. In 1995, a single instance of the bacterium’s drug-resistant variety was discovered in Madagascar. In November 2014, news of another epidemic in Madagascar was released.

The Black Death antibiotics

The deadliest plague epidemic in modern history struck Madagascar in October 2017, killing 170 people and infecting thousands more. Since the invention of antibiotics, the case fatality rate for the modern bubonic plague is estimated to be 11%, while it may be higher in poor areas.

To Conclude

Black Death is called one of the deadliest pandemic in the history. It is said that around 60% of the European population was dead due to this, and it has same effect in many other regions too. Later on the precautions & antibiotics came out to treat the disease.


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