Appearing together on the new Netflix dating show Perfect Match, it seems Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati have hit it off.

In the current episode, Gabriel (from the original The Mole) is paired with Hassarati (from Too Hot to Handle), both of whom are reality TV stars who have been put together in a beautiful villa and are required to couple up with whomever they think are most compatible.

On February 14, Netflix premiered the first four episodes of Perfect Match, which followed Gabriel as he began a brief romance with Francesca Farago, a friend of Hassarati’s and former co-star on Too Hot to Handle.

Do We Still Know If Dom And Georgia Are Together?

Couple Made In Heaven

Gabriel and Hassarati are still together in the show. When Gabriel’s former partner, Farago, paired with Powers, Gabriel found himself on the singles’ market and decided to take his chances with Powers.

When Hassarati accused Too Hot to Handle’s Chase DeMoor of having a girlfriend outside the show, DeMoor denied it, leading to some tension between the two.

In the current episode of Perfect Match, Gabriel and Hassarati appear to be happy together. Yet, as any viewer of the show knows, that can change at any minute.

But, fans will have to wait until the last batch drops on February 28 to see how their relationship develops in detail.

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Who Then Has The Correct Viewpoint?

Which Side Is In Error Here?

The documentary “Prison Wives” poses questions, investigates the available information, and leaves it up to the spectator to judge whether or not any answers can be found.

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Mate Of Georgia

Even though viewers have no idea if Gabriel and Hassarati’s relationship will endure until the end of Perfect Match, it seems quite probable that they do not remain together after the show has concluded.

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It appears that the characters in this show are taking chances and going where their hearts take them.
She started dating Harry Jowsey, who starred in Too Hot to Handle, in June 2022; they split up for a while but look to be back together now.

Hassarati recently posted a TikTok video in which Jowsey can be seen walking behind her.

She also posted a photo of herself clutching a bouquet of roses on Instagram, which resembled the ones in Jowsey’s Instagram Story.

Jowsey made an appearance in the pilot episode of Too Hot to Handle with Farago.

He famously proposed to her with a ring pop candy during the March 2020 virtual reunion.

The couple’s on-and-off relationship carried on until January 2021, when it finally ended.

In light of Jowsey’s reported reconciliation with her former flame and current co-star Hassarati, Farago has spoken up about her thoughts on the matter.

A reference to her own breakup with Jowsey, she told Variety in February 2023, “I’ve seen interviews of her talking about things that he had done to her, and I was like, it’s what precisely what happened to me.”

Farago continued by claiming that she has doubts about their romance “I wouldn’t go so far as to call her dishonest, but I find the whole thing a little off-putting. And I have my doubts about his motives.

They got back together a week before the debut of [the Perfect Match], which is just convenient timing. It’s hard for me to put my faith in either of them.”

Netflix subscribers may now watch the first eight episodes of Perfect Match. On February 28th, you may watch the series’ last four episodes.


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