Yes! After filming, the couple went on a break because, as Brittan reveals in the tell-all video, they weren’t sure where they stood with each other.

Now that they are both based in Los Angeles, they see a lot more of each other than they did before when they were both residents of Hawaii.

James has said that it feels “so amazing” to finally come out about their relationship.
The couple’s mutual Instagram activity is hinted at before the reveal;.

They follow each other, like each other’s posts, and comment on one other’s photos and videos with funny, flirtatious remarks.

Two weeks ago, Brittan commented on one of James’ photos (opens in new tab) with the fire emoji and the words, “Sea no defects.” James had titled the photo, “Sea no evil,” referring to the trainer.

Additionally, they both attended the London reunion and promotional shoot with the rest of the cast.

James sent lovely individual shout-outs to Nick, Seb, and Creed, while Brittan shared multiple posts with the women(opens in new tab) of season 4.

When Season 4 Of Too Hot To Handle Concluded, Brittan And James’ Relationship Ended.

During the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle, Brittan and James’s natural connection and effortless expression of affection won over many people.

As the couple returned to their residences in Hawaii after filming season 4 of the hit Netflix reality TV show, they decided to take a vacation.

In her tell-all video, Brittan explained that they had to take some space to figure out how they really felt about each other.

The former couple of Too Hot to Handle remained close friends after the separation, and their flirty social media posts left many of their followers perplexed.

Although they never confirmed their relationship status, they were not hesitant about expressing their feelings for each other. For example, James commented.

“NEED[S] that gal on the last slide” on an Instagram post featuring a collection of the Too Hot To Handle girls. Some of James’ Instagram posts have received provocative comments from Brittan.

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Relationship Status: Still Together!

At the beginning of season 4 of Too Hot to Handle, Brittan and James had mutual attraction. But, Brittan soon grew frustrated with James as he showed less interest in getting to know her and more in the ever-shrinking prize fund.

Brittany asked James if he wanted to be with her on their final outing together before they both went back to their homes in Hawaii.

Brittany told James, “I’m really into you, and I really appreciate what we have,” and James replied, “There’s only been one person the whole time, and I’m sitting with her just now.” Lana flashed green to indicate the start of their first kiss together.

Is it true that they broke up? Yes! Yesterday [28 December], a new video interview with the whole cast of Too Hot to Handle was aired on the program’s Instagram, where Brittan and James discussed their initial hiatus after leaving the show.

When James and Brittan returned from shooting Too Hot To Handle, they rested for a while.

However, they later revealed that they are dating each other and have moved to Los Angeles together after their time on the show ended.

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At Home, Brittan Had A Boyfriend

Although Brittan and James left Too Hot To Handle together, they apparently took time apart after filming wrapped.

Brittan found a boyfriend at the retreat, and they’re still together, according to a thread posted by user u/physicalcommercial68.

She has been commenting under his posts for the past couple of months, according to a third user, and another user said that her boyfriend “plays basketball at U Hawaii.”

While some viewers believe James was caught off guard by the news, others believe he already knew and was just trying to hide it.

Fans Of THTH Are Split On Brittan’s Relationship Status

Before THTH was released, some fans had already checked out Brittan’s social media and begun making assumptions about her love life.

A user claimed she stopped commenting on the potential boyfriend’s page after the cast announcement because she knew the star would delete any incriminating posts or comments.

Some THTH fans are under the impression that he was just a guy she knew from growing up in the same state, rather than a boyfriend.

While one Reddit user is sure it’s her ex-boyfriend, other fans are skeptical because the timing is off.

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Despite the show’s dismal track record this season, Brittan and James defied the odds by announcing they were back out on the dating scene.

They both recently relocated to Los Angeles from Hawaii and have rekindled an old romance.

Now that viewers have learned that Brittan had a boyfriend while filming the dating show with James, many viewers are curious as to whether or not the couple will end up staying together.


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