It’s been a whole year since the brother and sister teams of Dated & Related first started dating and supporting each other on their individual paths to happiness.

Nevertheless, now that the villa has been locked and the lips-shaped phone has been turned off, we are left to wonder: Which couples have remained together, and which siblings will have to play wingman another time.

Don’t let go of the trundle bed just yet; this is where the siblings and couples will be standing.

Both Kaz And Diana Have Gotten Even More Powerful.

Well, your Season 1 champions from Dated & Related—the golden couple—are still very much in love. “He makes me laugh, supports me, and has always been there from day one,” Diana says to Tudum.

To put it simply, I admire and respect these qualities in others. Till now, I’ve never encountered a man with such a big heart.

Yet even after leaving the villa, the couple still faced difficulties; Kieran and Nina, their siblings, had dated and broken up during filming, which might make for an awkward holiday gathering.

Despite the fact that Kaz and Diana were initially concerned that the families wouldn’t get along, Diana insists that everything is “simply pure love now” and that they had a blast goofing about and exploring London as a unit.

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Long-Distance Dating Is A Possibility For Daniel And Nina.

Distance hasn’t dampened Daniel and Nina’s love for one another, even though they now reside across an ocean from one another (Nina in London and Daniel in Canada). “After the show, she hasn’t left my thoughts for a single minute,” Daniel says. “

Despite the distance between us, we have communicated almost every day. We are always in contact with one another; if not via text, then by phone or FaceTime.

Ever since the first time we met, she has a way of making me laugh, and our conversations are light and easy because of it.

A Chill Has Settled Over Kieran And Alara.

Despite their shared experiences at the villa, Kieran and Alara have since parted ways. In his own words, “Alara and I had a lot going on back home after leaving the villa, so regrettably things didn’t work out between us,” Kieran says.

The fact that I was dealing with family issues, Alara was very busy with school, and she lived three hours outside of London just made things more difficult. We’ve maintained a close friendship and continue to talk regularly.

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As Always, The Siblings Have Been Each Other’s Best Friends And Supporters.

It’s obvious that these siblings have applied their knowledge in the workplace. The British twins Will and Henry, as well as the New Jersey cousins Chris and Jason, who just relocated to Los Angeles, are among the many couples who report that they continue to act as wingman (or -woman) to each other in real life.

Will is honest in his assessment that Hennerz is an excellent support system.I think it’s safe to say that we’ve both had a good time since we finished taping the show.

On the other hand, Jason claims that Chris’s wingman skills have been “taken to another level” in LA, where the pair has been “relentless.”

On Top Of That, Lily Has Admitted That, With The Help Of Her Sister Mady,

she was able to find love almost immediately after leaving the villa. It was after the concert that she and her friend Mady decided to travel Europe together.

To put it simply, we were each other’s “wingman,” and our relationship paved the way for my eventual romantic success.

With her guidance, I was able to meet a remarkable person that meets all my requirements.”

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And Remain The Closest Of Pals.

Will said that their cast chat hasn’t been silent for “longer than an hour,” so it seems like the cast members are still close even though they’re physically separated. In describing her best friend Alara, Julia said,

“She has really helped me feel more confidence and be myself.” Both Mady and Dyman have been visiting each other to offer support and advice as they launch their own businesses (and look out: The Bajors plan to start their own jewelry line soon).

At the same time, Jason spent his vacation with the Perfettos in Costa Rica, while the Roppos and Cohen/Hahn cousins have been flying all over the country to visit each other. Indeed, it’s common knowledge that a brother and sister who start dating will end up staying together.

Watch the above video to get a taste of the sibling and romantic drama that has been building up among the cast.


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