The American version of the popular British reality show, Love Island, goes by the title Love Island USA. The series follows a group of loners (islanders) who have taken up residence in a remote villa.

A hundred thousand dollars is at stake, so they’ll be attempting to team up and make it to the end of the competition as a couple in the hopes of coming out on top. These eligible bachelors and bachelorettes from the island are just as eager to find love as they are to take home the grand prize.

If you watched Love Island USA and were hoping that Elizabeth and Zac would end up together at the end of the first season, you’ll be disappointed to learn that this wasn’t the case.

A physical attraction was the deciding factor for Zac Mirabelli when he saw Elizabeth for the first time in the villa.

What Happened Between Zac Mirabelli And Elizabeth Weber?

They dated for a while after Zac Mirabelli left the show, but they broke up in 2019.

Zac posted a breakup announcement on Instagram, explaining that the two of them had simply grown apart and developed separate passions.Our breakup was amicable and there were no hard feelings.We merely had different priorities.”

Elizabeth also posted a similarly cordial message on her Instagram story after the breakup.”My boyfriend Zac and I have decided to end our relationship. I wish things had turned out differently, but I’ve learned that life doesn’t always work according to plan.”

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The Real World Adventures Of Zac Mirabelli And Elizabeth Weber

After only four months of dating after leaving the Love Island villa, Elizabeth Weber revealed in a YouTube video that the couple had broken up in December 2019.

They had a difficult time adjusting to “real life problems and real world situations that were happening” after returning from the show, she said. We were both in need of some time apart.]

Cesar Vazquez And John Middlebrooks: Separated

In the summer of 2020, the two met on the second season of Love Island USA, and they ended up falling in love. In January of 2021, they made the decision to separate public.

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Elizabeth Weber And Zac Mirabelli: Separated

Sweet young love. After dating for several months, the winners of the first season of the American version broke up at the end of 2019. On Instagram, Zac explained that the split had been mutual and that they had parted ways on good terms. We both wanted different things, that’s all.

When pressed for more information, Elizabeth said, “Although I had wished things could’ve turned out differently, life doesn’t always work out the way we could’ve hoped sometimes.”

Separation Of Dylan Curry and Alex Stewart

The runner-ups broke up in late November 2019, posting statements on their respective Instagram Stories after dating for several months. A breakup between the lacrosse coach and Alex has been made public. If something isn’t meant to be, it won’t be.

To add insult to injury, Alex said, “Our story was a Fairytale romance for me, but sometimes things just don’t work out.”

There Has Been A Breakup Between Caro Viee And Ray Gantt.

Despite their loss, the beloved couple tried to make long-distance work by spending the holidays together in different locations. To the contrary, in a YouTube video posted in July of 2020, Caro announced the breakup.

It’s just that she doesn’t think he was as invested in the relationship as she was. For these reasons, I’ve decided to call off our engagement,” she explained.

In other words, Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett are officially no longer an item.
The musically-inclined couple, who started their own YouTube channel, broke up in October after providing one of the show’s most unexpected pairings

(Kyra left the show to see if she still had a shot with Cashel after sending him home… except he had already come back).

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After Fighting For Most Of November,

The Two Made Up And Announced To Their Followers On Instagram That they Were Back Together For Good.

Sad to say, in February of 2020, Cashel found out on the #NoFilter podcast that Kyra had unfollowed him on social media, effectively ending their relationship (at least for the time being).

It was a good effort on both of our parts,” he said. “Maybe we’re just in different places in our lives now… If I’m being totally honest, I think she blocked my number.”


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